Next-level Virtual & Hybrid
Customer Engagement

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Customer Portal Engagement AHEAD

Engage your customers and employees by pre- and post-meeting follow up. Keep your customers informed and excited about what you have to offer.

Easily gather feedback from customers using digital surveys. Make data simple to collect and analyze by making sure it’s all in one place and automatically entered.

Our secure platform runs on all forms of devices — even those with custom security workflows — to accommodate your global compliance needs.

Modern Customer Engagement

For today’s more virtual and hybrid world, offer your customers a more modern and accessible experience, up to date with digital meeting session agendas, discussion leader details, feedback surveys, media viewing, maps, company news, and more.

See how you can up-level your virtual customer engagement.


Customer Portal Product Sheet

Learn more about how the Customer Portal can fit your program’s virtual & hybrid briefing needs.


BYOD Customer Access

Let customers access your company communications from their computers and mobile devices with one click. We support a full range of accessibility options to make it easy for your customers to connect with you.

An innovative approach trusted by innovative companies.

We’ve helped some of the most innovative companies in the world uplevel their engagement programs to successful virtual and hybrid models.

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Scheduling Integration

We integrate with your scheduling system to set up meetings and populate agenda data, discussion leaders, and feedback questions. You can also view analytics and customer feedback.

Extended Customer Experience

We give you access to customer engagement tools that extend their experience with your organization, from accessing meeting details before a briefing to taking post-event surveys and downloading documents.

Customer Portal

See the features and benefits of the BYOD version of the customer portal.


Provide guests with information about their visit, including directions, parking instructions, and maps.


Give your guests helpful recommendations for hotels, restaurants, airports, and other areas of interest.


Allow guests to view to discussion leader bios and meeting agenda details before, during, and after the session.

Customer Downloads

We house your presentations and other collateral within the portal so that customers and guests can view or download pertinent information related to their visit with your company.

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Virtual Warmer

Set the stage for your remote briefings in a whole new way with personalized messaging and helpful interactive features to facilitate your agenda breaks.


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Impress your customers upon entry with a personalized welcome message that is fully automated from your scheduling system.


PAN In-room Warmer

Room Warmer

Warm the room with automated and personalized content while your customers are entering and the presentation has yet to hit the screen.


Door Monitor

Helpful assistance for customers in your center outside every room, displaying room scheduling, meeting information, and brand messaging.


The Next Gen Client Experience Center

See how Signet is envisioning the future of digital customer engagement and how our platform is enabling it today.


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