Directional Guidance with Scheduling

Put your best foot forward and keep employees and guests on the right path with navigation assistance. Optimize the office experience by providing help with finding meeting rooms, areas of interest, and employee cube locations.

We fit into your global deployment strategy by aligning with your company’s global hardware standards, making the Signet platform an easy addition to your ongoing deployment process.

Put your internal communications directly into your employees’ hands. We put your message on your employees’ screens so they can engage wherever they are.

Enhance Productivity with Wayfinding

Keep your employees productive by reducing the time they spend looking for rooms. Wayfinding helps employees navigate efficiently, so they can quickly find meeting rooms, other employees, restrooms and break rooms, emergency exits, and more.

Update Your Non-Touch Displays

Have a touch-free display that could be put to use? Wayfinding’s passive display options allow employees and guests to see the current floor’s map, available meeting rooms, and other common areas of interest.

Book a Meeting on the Fly

Allow employees to book a meeting room while on the go or when innovation strikes, from common areas like elevator banks. We make it easy for employees to find a space for brainstorming or moving a project forward, so no good idea goes to waste.

Find out how Wayfinding can improve your workplace efficiency.


Customizable Branding and Responsive Framework

Signet wayfinding solutions are flexible to meet your global enterprise needs. The core product framework allows for custom branding and messaging capabilities, so this digital endpoint can be a part of your greater engagement strategy.


Fit your message on any screen, whether your endpoint is a portrait or landscape environment.


Share updates about your facilities with automatic updates from your company’s facility management system.


Dynamically show the fastest walking route to locations based on the location of any endpoint.

Share Your Internal Communications

Reach your employees with internal communications from any screen. We put your message directly into employees’ hands and onto their path.

Product Sheet

Learn more about the Wayfinding and how it can fit your Workplace’s needs.



Communications Channel

Impress and engage your audience with a custom branded channel offering dynamic messaging and data integrations for content.


Meeting Room Signs

Optimize productivity with digital meeting room signs assisting in operational efficiency for employees.


Employee Mobile App

Leverage your employees’ mobile devices as a powerful tool they can use on the go for scheduling, wayfinding, and much more.


The Next Gen Enterprise Executive Briefing Center

See how Signet is envisioning the future of the digital workplace and how our
platform is enabling it today.


Supporting Different Types of Engagments

Supporting Different Types of Engagments

Not a news flash: the briefing world has changed in the last year and a half. More than ever, companies are calling for more and new ways to engage with customers beyond bringing them to a physical briefing center.  Briefing programs across the country are answering...

Join our Breakout Session at the ABPM Spring Conference

Join our Breakout Session at the ABPM Spring Conference

If you’ll be attending the virtual ABPM Spring Conference, you’re invited to join our exceptional breakout session on Digital Engagement Strategy - Virtual and Hybrid Briefings. The session is Tuesday, April 20 from 11:00 - 12:00 CST and will feature a discussion...

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