We Speak Your Language

No matter where your employees work or travel, they should be able to recognize your company’s message. Keep your communications on brand with Signet, and deliver a dynamic, customizable message across your global platforms.

Your focus should be on your messaging — not on your messaging platform. With Signet, deployment is easy and scalable so you can get all of your devices up and running right away.

It’s not just what you say and how you say it— it’s where you say it. We help you strategically plan and integrate your communications displays into your facilities to capitalize on the most heavily trafficked areas and points of interest.

Dynamic Templates for Consistent Messaging

We offer a set of templates covering the most common types of internal communication, along with reusable graphics, to streamline your messaging and content distribution.

Regional Targeting and Global Scale

Got something specific to say in one region but not another? We offer you the ability to segment your content by region or department, giving local content managers control while keeping your messaging consistent on a global scale.

Workplace Communications Channel

See the comms channel in action with dynamic comms templates, different layouts, and various data modules.

Live Streaming and Television

Need to live stream an all-hands or share a televised segment? We allow you to keep your employees engaged and informed with live streaming and TV connectivity capabilities.

Discover how you can enhance your employee communications with Signet.


Customize Your Signet

Match your communications channel and employee communications endpoints to your brand. Choose between layouts and customize the platform to keep your brand message and marketing consistent.

Approval Workflows

Set up user groups for approval control and post approval for automatic posts.

Emergency Alerts

Take over content channels with systemic alerts in the case of emergencies or disasters

Platform Integrations

Integrate content data with your existing corporate systems.

Supplemental Data Modules

Keep employees informed and up to date with automatically updated additional modules, like weather, stock price, traffic, social media, and RSS news feeds.

Communication Channel
Product Sheet

Learn more about the Communication Channel and how it can fit your Workplace’s needs.



Office Wayfinding

Outfit your office with helpful digital endpoints where employees and guests can quickly find their way.


Meeting Room Signs

Optimize productivity with digital meeting room signs assisting in operational efficiency for employees.


Employee Mobile App

Leverage your employees’ mobile devices as a powerful tool they can use on the go for scheduling, wayfinding, and much more.


The Next Gen Enterprise Workplace

See how Signet is envisioning the future of the digital workplace and how our platform is enabling it today.


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