Optimize the Customer Experience

Advanced Digital Engagement Endpoints

Rethink the retail experience with new types of digital endpoints for customer engagement. Make managing your marketing messaging more impactful and efficient.


Decrease in perceived waiting time

Digital signage reduces perceived waiting time by as much as 35% when combined with in-line merchandising.


Digital Displays capture 400% more views than static signage

Digital displays are ultimately less costly and more efficient than print, while delivering greater message control and a more engaged audience Its potential uses are vast and easily adaptable to each company’s unique needs.


Sales increase by as much as 33% after deploying digital technologies

Digital has changed the nature of sales, and in order to stay competitive, organizations must evolve to take advantage of the insights digital offers.

Captivate Your Customers with a Connected Environment

Leverage a platform that delivers your brand message to your customers and is efficient to manage, putting the control at your fingertips.

Integrate your queueing system into your overall retail environmental experience so your customers are provided with a more informed and pleasant experience.

Offer informative and engaging interactive experiences for customers to explore while visiting your retail location.

Keep your employees engaged and informed throughout their workday with various styles of communication endpoints for company news, HR info, and entertainment.

AAA West Coast Retail Experience

See how Signet worked with AAA to outfit their new retail experience for customers and employees.

Scalable Platform for Multi-Location Deployment

Provide a holistic platform that can be quickly scaled to all your global locations. Easily manage your ongoing content initiatives and create different levels of user access to control management, scheduling, and monitoring.

Discover how the Signet platform can enable your retail environment for digital transformation.


Queue System Integrations


Improve the waiting experience by integrating your queuing system into digital endpoints. Allow customers to enter their names and see their status, with special call outs and visuals to ensure that no one misses their turn.


Set up user groups for approval control and post approval for automatic posts.


Take over content channels with systemic alerts in the case of emergencies or disasters.


Integrate content data with your existing corporate systems.

GoPro Retail at Fry’s Electronics

See a custom GoPro deployment that leveraged Signet solutions for content management and deployment.

Engage Employees on Site

Keep employees engaged and informed from the floor to the break room. Provide branded content, company updates, and training information to keep employees engaged with your company and allow them to take advantage of their down time for educational and professional development.

Improve your customer and employee satisfaction with your retail experience today.


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