Directions and Scheduling On-the-Go

Offer employees the ability to find meeting rooms, areas of interests, and other employees’ desks from their own personal mobile device.

We integrate with your mobile device management software so you can efficiently handle updates and scale deployment.

From the office walls to the mobile interface, present your employees with a regular, branded experience. We provide a customizable app to keep your brand message consistent.

Interactive Office Floor Plans

Help employees find meeting spaces, areas of interest, and other employees’ desks directly from their mobile devices. Interactive office floor plans keep employees moving in the right direction.

Meeting Room Scheduling

Our mobile app integrates with your corporate scheduling system to allow employees to book meeting rooms on the fly, so they can focus on meeting instead of running back to their desks to look for open space.

Employee Mobile Application

See the beneficial features you can put in the hand of your employees while they’re on the go.

Meeting Room Information

Connect with your corporate facility management system to bring meeting room data and updated floor plans into the app and give employees real-time, updated information so they can book the right room for any size meeting.

Discover how Signet’s mobile solutions can keep your employees productive on the go.



Our platform is device agnostic, with support for both iOS and Android users.


Quickly find meetings and conference rooms by name or number with auto-populated searches.


Integrate with your company’s facility management system for systematic updates and reports.

View Upcoming Meetings

Show employees an overview of their upcoming meetings and where they’re situated on the floor plan, directly from their mobile devices.

Employee Mobile App
Product Sheet

Learn more about the Employee Mobile App and how it can fit your Workplace’s needs.


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