Elevate Your Event

Powerful Digital Engagement for Events

Engage event attendees in new ways with attractive and impactful event experiences. Catch prospects’ eyes with big media walls and provide them with relevant data through interactive touch screens.


people will hear about experiences from trade show attendees

Make your booth experience stand out and even people who have not attended will hear how awesome booth at the trade show was


trade show attendees are potential customers for exhibitors

81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. Which means more than 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors


Event technology can help increase event attendance 20%

The implementation of event technology can help provide marketers the capability to bring in more qualified leads and accelerate sales.

Convert Booth Visitors Into Customers

Providing high impact and ease of use with a large-format form factor application experience allowing booth reps to present to customers in an innovative fashion.
Your event experience with the capability of on-the-move features allowing booth reps to be more mobile on the event floor and engage potential customers.
Allow presenters to diagram custom solutions on the fly with our digital whiteboard module. Add custom graphics and email PDFs to customers, with the option to track interactions for follow up.
Create session-based collateral packages to email in real time, so customers can get an immediate takeaway from their time with your team. Collateral is tracked so your sales team can follow up with relevant information based on interest.

DellEMC Conversation Station

See how Signet worked with DellEMC to optimize their global event engagement and analytics.

Dynamic Content Capabilities

Allow your sales reps to have personalized conversations with booth visitors with content on demand and digital whiteboarding.

Discover how Signet can elevate your event marketing.



Easily manage all your global events from one platform, even when events overlap.


Keep a large pool of categorized content at your representatives’ fingertips, so they can pull up content to support their conversations on the fly.


Track metrics from all of your events to determine ROI and apply your analysis to future event planning.


Conversation Station

Prepare your team to take the conversation to the next level by putting all topical media assets at their fingertips.


Customer Analytics and Data Tracking

Find out what each booth attendee viewed, interacted with, or emailed themselves, so your team can follow up with more related and targeted content.

See how can Signet help your events team plan their upcoming events strategically.


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