Center In-Room Warmers

Be the Center of Attention

Welcome your guests as they’re walking in and provide information in between sessions with customized content on your displays.

Create a consistent customer experience by carrying your message throughout the center.

Integrate seamlessly with your center’s AV standards and settings for easy deployment and management.

A Welcoming In-Room Experience

Your in-room experience is key. Keep customers engaged from the moment they walk in to in between sessions by displaying a branded welcome with personalized content and session information.

Schedule Integration

Help guests stay informed throughout the day by connecting our platform with your center’s scheduling data. Automatically display room rosters, agenda titles, key times, and more without extra work from your staff.

Center In-Room Warming Content

See how your conference room display can be automated to impress clients even before the meeting starts.


Include meeting room locations on your center map to help guests to find their way through your center. You can also display other relevant areas of interest, like restrooms, coffee bars, and dining areas.

See how you can improve your in-room experience for guests.


Targeted and Topical Branded Content

Customize your in-room experience by showing custom branded graphics or messaging specific to each customer. Automatically update in-room displays based on customer industry or solution topic, based on data already in your scheduling system.

Room Warmer
Product Sheet

Learn more about the CenterSuite Room Warmer and how it can fit your Center’s needs.


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