Center Door Monitors

Impress and Assist Your Visiting Customers

Automated door monitors take away the daily task of putting up custom slides. Just connect to your scheduling system to automatically display customer names and other data outside of meeting rooms.

Show your guests that your company is committed to innovation by replacing metal plaques with digital room monitors that can be updated with company names, logos, and any other relevant brand messaging and data.

Our scalable support helps you deploy door monitors outside of every room at every global center. Just connect to our platform to start pulling in assigned room data.

Dynamic Messaging

Show your guests more than just a room name on a metal plaque. Welcome clients by name and add logos and related graphics and data.

Integrated Scheduling

Integrate with your center’s scheduling information to automatically display the room’s agenda for the day. Keep your guests informed of key times, meeting topics, and locations without any extra input from your center’s staff.

CenterSuite Conference Room Door Monitors

See how digital door monitor signs can enhance your customer experience in your center.

Selective Information

Specify which data you want to display for each customer, so you can keep guests informed while protecting client privacy.

See the center door monitors in action.


Consistent Brand Messaging

Tie your guests’ visits into the overall center experience by showing custom brand graphics or messaging specific to each customer. Display information based on their industry or needs directly on door monitors.

Responsive Displays

Fit your door monitor displays to your environment and experience with responsive software. Our platform is flexible to fit with your specific hardware standards globally.

Door Monitor
Product Sheet

Learn more about the CenterSuite Door Monitor and how it can fit your Center’s needs.


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