Next-level Virtual & Hybrid Customer Engagement

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Decisions made to purchase products and services based on briefings

7 out of 10 decisions made to purchase products or services discussed in their briefings


Digital content is highly important as rated by a survey

The importance of content is rated as 4.5 out of 5 as it relates to an experience center’s visitor experience.


Attendees whose decisions were influenced by their briefing

Briefing attendees’ decisions to purchase goods and services are strongly influenced by their briefings.

See how to optimize your virtual and hybrid customer engagement.


Big and small programs trust us to make a big difference.

Personalize and Automate

Engage your customers and employees by pre- and post-meeting follow up. Keep your customers informed and excited about what you have to offer.

Provide customers and guests of your organization with a welcome that is not only innovative in its format, but also personalized and targeted by their industry or needs.

Your in-room experience is key. Keep customers engaged from the moment they walk in to in between sessions by displaying a branded welcome with personalized content and session information.

Show your guests more than just a room name on a metal plaque. Welcome clients by name and add logos and related graphics and data.

IBM Dallas Global Solution Center

See how IBM leverages the Signet platform in their global solution center to automate and personalize content for customers.

Content Automation

Connect the dots by aligning your content with customer specific solutions. Offer personalized content automatically to reduce work for your team while increasing efficiency.


Your customers value security — and so do we. Our secure platform helps you keep customer data safe.

Scheduling Integration

Connect with your center’s scheduling system to automatically push relevant visitor data to your displays.

Feedback Metrics

Gather customer experience feedback and apply it to your future strategic planning.

Signet Client Center Products

Customer Portal

Offer your customers a next generation experience for briefing facilitation before, during, and after their visit.


Remote Briefing Tool

Virtual Warmer

Set the stage for your remote briefings in a whole new way with personalized messaging and helpful interactive features to facilitate your agenda breaks.


Welcome Screen

Impress your customers upon entry with a personalized welcome message that is fully automated from your scheduling system. LEARN MORE >

PAN In-room Warmer

Room Warmer

Warm the room with automated and personalized content while your customers are entering and the presentation has yet to hit the screen. LEARN MORE >

Door Monitor

Helpful assistance for customers in your center outside every room, displaying room scheduling, meeting information, and brand messaging. LEARN MORE >

eBay Main Street Corporate Center

Get a glimpse at the award-winning center experiences at eBay’s global headquarters.

Digital Customer Feedback

Gather and analyze digital survey feedback to avoid manual entry errors. Measure your program results to strategically improve your programs.

Enhance your customer experience with digital engagement tools.


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