Why You Should Communicate About Health And Wellness In The Workplace

All competent business leaders understand that employees are a company’s most valuable resource. That’s why it’s important to take extra care of them, especially their overall well-being. And, one of the best ways that companies can show that they care about their employees’ health is through their communication channels.

Communicating about health and wellness in the workplace will keep your employees engaged. Moreover, it will increase their productivity, retention, and motivate them to focus and engage with your other content as well. Now, we’ll take a more in-depth look into this matter and how it benefits your company.

Promoting Health And Fitness
You want your employees to be at their best at all times. However, this is not always easy as many employees lead sedentary lifestyles that cause health issues and lethargy. That’s why it’s important to promote health and fitness programs through your communication channels. According to RAND Research, fitness and a healthy work environment can lead to employees missing 18%-32% fewer workdays.

By displaying videos of simple breathing and stretch exercises, you’re educating and encouraging staff on how to improve their health. If they do these exercises, they’ll have fewer aches and feel less fatigued, but also have more energy to work longer hours if necessary. Furthermore, their productivity will improve, and they’ll likely come into the office earlier than usual.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction
Without a doubt, happy employees make for productive employees. According to employee reviews and surveys, wellness programs increase satisfaction in the workplace. But what does this mean for your company? Well, there are many benefits apart from higher productivity, such as better communication, teamwork, and job position effectiveness.

It’s no secret that recruiting new employees is time-consuming and costly while retaining existing employees makes good business sense. But it’s easy to retain your talented employees with the right incentive such as a comprehensive wellness program. Not only do employees appreciate content and programs designed to benefit them, but these will also increase their positive perception of your company.

Unsurprisingly, many employees choose to work at companies that offer them tangible benefits and wellness programs nowadays. They understand that such companies have a vested interest in their employees, and will look out for them in the long-term. Yet it’s these companies that are the real winners due to the lower employee churn rates.

Curating Your Programs
It’s important to carefully curate your programs so that you can connect with your employees effectively. Learn about what your employees are seeking out on their own and outside of work hours. Moreover, find out what truly interests them during their breaks, or when they look at company communication channels and their smartphones. By gaining a deeper understanding of your employees, you can come up with programs that they’ll find valuable.

Your professionally curated programs can consist of advice and information that’s both compelling and personalized. Thus, your employees won’t have to spend all their time looking for information that they find relevant. This shifts their attention away from their devices and towards your screens in the break room and other IC content sources, where they’ll also view your other company content.

The Bottom Line
Caring about the well-being of your employees should always be a top priority. Don’t be afraid to promote health and fitness programs through your company’s communications channels. And beyond that, you can run initiatives to increase employee satisfaction and curate programs that are relevant to them. All these efforts will help to improve your employees’ health, productivity, and satisfaction levels while reducing churn rates.

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