How To Impress Guests In Your Office Lobby

Your offices represent the heart of your business and the impression people get from your company depends largely on their experience from the moment they walk through the front door.   More companies are beginning to understand the importance of their office lobby. Luckily, there’s now a variety of great tech available to help companies present their brand appropriately, including media walls, experiential content, and more.   In this article, we’ll share some tips for enhancing your lobby and wowing your guests from the moment they put a foot through the front door. Using innovative content and messaging, you can ensure your brand makes the right impression from the get-go.   office lobby video walls and experiences     Harness the Power of a Media Wall   Large format media walls are becoming a staple in office lobbies around the globe and it’s not hard to see why: playing innovative, high-quality brand content on a media wall is a great way to intrigue and impress your guests.   Media walls can be seamlessly integrated into your office architecture and can even be synchronized with hardware like lighting to present beautiful experiences that’ll instantly capture your audience.   The possibility of using a media wall are endless. Remember that you’re not just limited to corporate messaging; these walls can be used in countless innovative ways, such as to present memorable video content like a waterfall or outdoor setting for example.   Companies are often put off by the costs of producing content for high-res displays like media walls. However, once you’ve decided on the right digital endpoint for your company, you’ll be surprised to see how many opportunities there are for producing cost-effective content using dynamic templates and stock media that’s still high-quality.   For example, many vendors will offer you new ways to create dynamic content rather than making you source your content independently. Alternatively, digital templates also help drive down the cost of content production.     Rethink Your Reception   The reception desk in your office lobby is the first point of contact between your company and guests. Make sure you pay close attention to this process and consider the impact it makes on people.   For example, many larger companies use tablets or computers at their reception to check in guests. Many times, this can lead to an uncomfortable, impersonal experience, especially since many check-in solutions don’t offer the best user experience.   How you tailor your check in experience depends on a variety of factors. Just remember that your reception is an extension of your brand and should offer your guests the best possible experience as they might relate it to doing business with your company.     Be Memorable   When looking to improve your lobby experience, try to be memorable. Think about what elements of your lobby/reception area are the most impressive and how you can try to make them stick in your guests’ minds even after they’ve left your office.   This could be an architectural element, a specific piece of digital content, a piece of technology or even a piece of furniture. Again, the possibilities are endless.   Many companies are also beginning to integrate IoT (Internet of Things) elements into their lobby room experience and integrating hardware like LED lighting to match their content or even the weather outside.   Some companies, on the other hand, integrate their digital displays into special architectural elements such as pillars or columns and produce animated content that runs up and down the structure.     Could Your Lobby Experience be Improved?   Next time you’re in your main lobby, remember to take 5 minutes to look around and think about the experience it offers your guests.   Think about the different elements, how they interplay, and ultimately how they present your brand to those that come through the door. Try to see whether your experience is innovative, unique, and appropriate to your brand’s image.   Once you’ve taken the time and evaluated your lobby room experience, you’ll notice that altering and improving it is easy thanks to the wide variety of new technology.   To find out more about digital solutions that can take your lobby room experience to the next level, contact us today.

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