The Most Impactful Areas For Digital Content In A Briefing Center

Improving your briefing center with new signage systems and content can have a huge impact on your visitors. But exactly which areas of your center would best benefit from a digital content makeover?   At a recent Association of Briefing Program Managers event, Signet held a workshop on how to get the biggest return from your briefing center improvements. At this workshop, we polled attendees on which areas of their briefing centers they found to bring the most value to their company and clients.   In this article, we’ll show you which parts of your briefing center will benefit most from a digital content makeover based on the poll at our workshop. While every center is unique in its own way, here are some key areas that our attendees thought to be the most powerful.     impactful briefing center content       The Lounge   Your briefing center visitors are bound to have some downtime, either while they wait for their briefing to start or between sessions.   Unlike other parts of your center, the lounge is an area where your visitors aren’t necessarily engaged with a planned activity and might have the need for viewing something to fill their time and attention while on a phone call or break.   Hence, the lounge is actually a very strategic area to enhance with digital content. From the results at our workshop, we found that the lounge might be the perfect place for a powerful branding campaign, data feeds from your company’s social feeds, or even RSS news headlines (both of which can be tailored to your industry/niche).       The Meeting Room   Your meeting rooms are one of the key areas of your briefing, and you should always be on the lookout for new, creative ways to engage your clients here.   Outside of showing your actual presentation files, you have the potential to use the screen in your meeting room to play high-quality content either between sessions or before a briefing while everyone is gathering for the day.   Some great content ideas for your meeting rooms screens include industry related content to prepare your guests for the day’s briefing; a floor plan showing the layout of your center and the current room the guests are in, or basic information such as the wifi network and password.     The Reception   While the reception is the area most of our attendees used to leverage the most content, most agreed that it wasn’t the most impactful.   This is probably because guests are usually busy checking in with your receptionist and preparing for the day ahead.   However, while it may not be the most impactful room in your center, we found that your reception can still benefit from a personalized greeting message to make your guests feel warm and welcome.   You may follow this up with some industry related content custom selected based on the kind of briefing that awaits your guests. This will help your company come across as true industry experts.   Finally, we also suggest investing in a large screen that possible integrates some LED colors to match your company colors, or other impressive content to add a little wow factor.     Bring Out The Best In You Briefing Center Today   Every briefing center is different in layout and flow, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to optimizing a center for its guests/purpose. Hence, it’s up to you to measure which areas of your center are the most impactful and would best benefit from a digital makeover.   Nonetheless, we hope this article has provided you with some solid ideas to get you started.   For more articles like this, be sure to bookmark our blog. To learn more about our custom signage solutions, contact us today.    

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