Does Screen Size Matter For Delivering Your Internal Communications Message?

Video and other forms of visual content have gradually become indispensable for companies to convey their internal communications. Many companies have in-house creative teams, or they hire external teams to produce powerful content. However, this content won’t make much of an impact if it isn’t displayed correctly.

All this makes us ask an important question: Does screen size matter for delivering your internal communications message? Yes, it does matter because the same size screen or media wall won’t always be effective in every space. It’s always a good idea to use a screen size that’s the most suitable for the target location. Below we’re providing some tips to help you choose the correct display size to get the most value out of your internal communications.

Consider Viewing Distance

Many companies put less thought into the types and sizes of displays in the different areas of their office than they should. Therefore, additional strategic thinking can be done by taking into account factors such as viewing distance, room layout, and foot traffic.

Now, we’ll take a look at viewing distance and how this helps determine the correct screen size. If people are standing farther away, then consider using a media wall so that they can see your visuals from 15-20 feet away. Don’t make content too big for people that will stand next to the screen and not so small that they will be unable to read the text if they are standing far away.

Use smaller form factor displays such as tablets for meeting room signs or elevator displays. This is effective for making your messaging more personal and it is also more engaging for a single employee. Sometimes, small screens are the only feasible option as large displays may be distracting or impractical depending on the location.

Take Into Account Room Layout

Take a sensible approach to how you’re going to arrange your displays by considering the room layout. For example, a long stretch of your workplace like a hallway is ideal for an arrangement of long and narrow screens that show small pieces of media. This arrangement is suitable for this space because it allows you to display lots of content without needing a taller display.

Never shy away from delivering an amazing lobby experience, as this will make a good first impression for new visitors to your company’s offices. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a large media wall, which is sure to grab attention.

Focus On High-Traffic Areas

Pay close attention to the areas in your workplace with high foot traffic when considering where to place the displays that broadcast your internal communications materials. These may be your breakrooms, cafeterias, meeting spaces, and even the badged area in the office. Consider increasing your budget to provide your employees with an impactful and memorable experience whenever they step into these spaces.

By using slightly bigger displays such as a 75-inch display instead of 46-inch display, you’ll naturally increase the effectiveness of your internal communications. For even greater impact, use mosaic-like arrangements with spaced out displays at different sizes or orientations connected together to make a single digital canvas.

In contrast, a display of 55-inches is usually the right size for a breakroom or cafeteria setting. Most employees can still read the text and view detailed imagery in close proximity without having to strain their eyes or step back.

The Bottom Line

A digital canvas or media wall makes a big difference to when showing off your internal communications materials. However, to truly unlock its full potential, you’ll have to carefully consider the sizes of your screens. Important factors that you’ll need to take into account include viewing distance, room layout, and foot traffic. Get it right, and you’ll engage your audience with an experience that they won’t find anywhere else!

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