Client Center Content Strategy with Core Marketing Principles

Due to the proliferation of engaging content on the Internet and various digital ecosystems, it’s worth considering what makes it so successful. Moreover, this is a matter that briefing programs should look into more seriously. After all, they want to create exciting digital content that has a clear message for their target audience while maximizing their ROI. And that’s done by understanding and implementing core marketing principles, and not treating these as an afterthought.

When you have important clients in your center, it makes sense to make the most of such a situation. And if you’re spending millions of dollars on marketing initiatives, then you want to offer the best possible experience. Don’t leave clients with a bad impression by showing motion graphics from the previous vendor engagement briefing, which you’re not even sure how to change out. Below, we provide a few ideas to help your program keep marketing principles in mind as you start to evolve your digital content for the future.


Create Content Chapters

Your brand has much to offer, and that’s why you’ll need to communicate that effectively. Also, you’ll want to showcase the extensive depth of your brand, so don’t limit yourself to a single video. Instead, think about how you can present your content over several chapters. Create common topics that your team will rally behind and that they’ll update on an ongoing basis. These topics can be simple or as complex as needed, but remember, your audience requires a message that’s clear, concise, and speaks to them personally.

We have seen success by focusing on these key areas:

  • Leadership Voice – Showcase the voice of your executives on the brand
  • Solution Spotlight – How your company approaches these solutions differently
  • Industry Message – What your company has proven in each vertical
  • Product Promo – Cover your newest features and differentiators
  • Customer Stories – Present success stories and insight of your other client work
  • Partner Highlight – Demonstrate your network and strong offering



Do Not Reinvent The Wheel

Don’t waste valuable resources by producing new marketing materials on your own for your briefing program, especially when your company has spent millions on it already. There are endless sources of content that your brand has already put out that you should use smartly. Create content chapters strategically based on your center and audiences, and source content from your various brand outlets.

Leverage other teams within your company to see how they can be involved to provide the right message for this year’s key topics or recently approved brand assets. And don’t forget to look at your company’s website, which has multiple pages that can help you come up with engaging content chapter ideas. Quite likely, your brand is already putting out amazing and simple bite-size messages on various social media channels. So don’t shy away from recycling these messages or merging them with other content ideas for your center.


Keep It Fresh

Never allow your content to become old and outdated, even when time constraints present themselves. Your company’s moving fast to stay ahead of the competition, and your center’s content should stay up to date to reflect that. At least once a year, allocate enough time to update every single piece of content and style and ensure that your brand and message align with the newest elements.

Lately, we see programs embracing a quarterly cadence to update their digital content. While it’s not necessary to update all content, it’s worthwhile updating a couple of chapters every quarter to stay within budget. Centers usually provide the wow-factor with large scale media walls and fancy displays. That’s why you should invite other internal teams or vendors to create visually striking content that audiences will enjoy in such environments. Return the favor by sending them pictures of their content on the big screen!


The Bottom Line

The quality of content and how its presented can make or break the experience in your center. And when you’re hosting a presentation in front of your most valuable clients, your digital content should truly shine. By sticking to core marketing principles, creating content chapters, and regularly updating your content, you’ll be generating the right kind of buzz in your center that will keep your audience enthralled.

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