ABPM: Critical to Your Briefing Program’s Future Success

When you begin a new profession, and are not sure how to get started, looking to experts for guidance is a first logical step.  For those of us in the briefing profession, the only place to go for access to years of expertise and best practices that will get you moving in the right direction: the ABPM (Association of Briefing Program Managers).   Having been tasked with starting my briefing program from scratch nearly 16 years ago, my colleague pointed me to the ABPM. So, I attended a regional meeting that connected me with other program managers and suppliers. That helped me build a program that evolved over the years into the strategic sales tool it was always meant to be and I’ve been learning from the ABPM community ever since.   ABPM Events Collage Photo Credit: ABPM Facebook Page     Here are three key elements that make the ABPM critical to your briefing program’s success:  

  • Wealth of Experience and Sharing Best Practices

In its nearly 23 years, the ABPM has grown to its current community of 372 company, associate and individual members representing 125 companies, and 94 supplier members representing 33 supplier companies.1 The amount of expertise within the organization is staggering. Roxanne McCreery, President since 1997, has been leading the ABPM and bringing together the best in the industry at conferences and workshops that allow those who have paved the way to share their lessons with others.    The ABPM is unique in that it’s all about best practices, even among competitors in the same industry who open their doors on conference tour days and share what works for them. It’s not about the content, it’s about the process and how we more successfully engage with our customers to provide a memorable experience that positively impacts the bottom line.      

  • Evolving from Tactical to Strategic

Through the years, the ABPM conferences and workshops have focused on providing more strategic content. From focusing on tactical execution like room scheduling and tent cards years ago to now promoting strategic program enhancements such as personalization, experiential engagement, content management, customized apps and analytics reporting that proves the value of our programs, the ABPM drives the evolution of programs forward. The beauty of this evolution is that the relevant documentation and resources are made available for members to access year-round. Having example business and marketing plans, key executive metrics, process checklists and access to suppliers who understand briefing program needs is priceless.    

  • Commitment to the Briefing Profession

The ABPM offers a Core Competency Curriculum for all members, and provides an Advanced Core Competency Curriculum to ensure those who have been in the profession longer continue to receive new and innovative ideas. The ABPM’s Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program outlines the standards that briefing programs strive to achieve. They are continuously updated to provide briefing professionals a valuable roadmap. In alignment with these characteristics, new conference, workshop and virtual courses are provided to ensure our community continues to evolve together.     The APBM has also focused on staying up to date with the latest technologies to ensure members can gain access to other members and resources. With an updated webpage that provides a member directory, “Briefly” blog articles, “Value Propositions” offered in Prezi, a downloadable conference app, and a new Millennials group, the ABPM will continue to serve each generation of briefing professionals.     So, the bottom line: whether you have been in the briefing profession for many moons, or building a world class briefing program was just added to your KSOs, the ABPM is the community to engage with. Be sure to contact Elizabeth Simpson, COO, at Elizabeth@abpm.com to find out how you can be part of the ABPM family. The next ABPM Spring Conference takes place March 20-22nd in Boston. You can go to www.abpm.com to learn more.     1Source: ABPM End of Year Membership Update Blog Article 11/30/16

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