5 Ways To Improve The Content On Your Corporate Media Wall

Media walls are becoming commonplace in most corporate environments and can usually be found playing a loop of old brand videos or similar promotional material. If you help manage a media wall in your office or help to create content for one, you should be looking for new, innovative content to share on a regular basis.   In this article, we’re going to share some simple tips for keeping your content fresh and intriguing for your audience. Whether your media wall is part of your office lobby, briefing center, trade show booth, or retail environment, make sure you use these tips for better, more interactive content.   video wall content ideas for improvements     1. Use Quick, Burst-Style Branding Pieces   Most companies create promotional branding videos once a year due to the budget and time these kinds of videos require. To help freshen up your media wall content, we suggest going for shorter brand videos that are not only quicker to produce but also easier for your audience to absorb.   Long branding videos require your audience to stand and watch/listen for extended periods of time. Try opting for shorter content pieces that capture your brand in an exciting new way in roughly 20 seconds.   Work together with your content partner/provider to craft fun, quick motion graphics or animations that are eye-catching and feature a brand tagline or statement. Remember that these pieces don’t always have to present in-depth brand messages; sometimes simple, fun, and intriguing content is the easiest way to connect to your audience.     2. Make Your Data Fun   Every brand has integrated data that they can use to reinforce their message. Whether its online sales statistics, customer satisfaction ratings, or industry related infographics, you can use this data as part of your promotional content to strengthen your brand’s message.   When integrating this kind of data into your content, always be conscious of how you present it. Try to find engaging, inspiring ways to visually embed these statistics into your content so that they’re easy to understand and digest. You’ll be surprised to note just how interesting this kind of data can be for your audience.   Your marketing team has probably already created some very visually interesting infographics or marketing PDFs. Take those highly creative pieces and share them with your content creation vendor and ask them for concepts in animating them in some great 20 second motion graphic videos.     3. Integrate Your Media Wall Into It’s Space   Sometimes it’s important to look outside of your media wall for inspiring ways to freshen up your content. Take a look at the surrounding areas of your lobby, briefing center, or trade show display and look for elements that could be integrated with your new media wall.   You may find that you can leverage certain lighting effects like LEDs that change color in order to match what’s happening on the screen, for example. This type of technology is becoming much more popular and the internet is literally crawling with new web-based API connections that you can use to get more out of your media wall.   Another great way to better integrate your media wall into its surroundings is through using color. Take a close look at the backdrop to your media wall. By using visual content that matches the color of surrounding areas like this backdrop you can help your monitors look seamlessly integrated into the space.   Using these kind of creative solutions can help your content pieces seem more unique and ultimately have a more powerful effect on your audience.     4. Use Creative Transitions   While it might seem simple, having the right transitions between content pieces can make a world of difference to how your content is perceived. Always stray away from the classic, cheesy transition effects like those you find on PowerPoint, for example.   Instead, work together with your content team to come up with simplistic yet stylish transitions that intrigue your audience rather than making them cringe. You may find you’re able to use dynamic templates that integrate transitions into the various elements of a content piece.      5. Be Visual! Leverage Social Media   A media wall is a visual tool. Hence, it goes without saying that it should feature high-quality visual content. Try connecting a social media channel and pulling in visual content from Instagram, for example. You can use hashtags or account settings to make sure the content you bring in is on par with your strategy. Viewers always enjoy seeing other people’s content instead of just corporately produced messages.   You can also take things further by promoting an account or hashtag to your audience so as to encourage them to submit their own material in order to have it featured on your display. You’ll be surprised to see how many people get involved!     What Could Your Media Wall Content Benefit From the Most?   If you manage a media wall you have an exciting opportunity to interact with your audience in new, exciting ways. Make sure you use these tips to keep your content fresh and interesting and maximize your potential to interact and connect with your audience.   Want to jump start one of these concepts? Contact us today to see how you can begin integrating one of these ideas into your content strategy.    

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