Why Your Printed Paper Office Floorplans Need Replacing

Printed floorplan maps are used in offices all across the globe, hung up on office walls at high-tech companies often considered to be leading the charge in the technology industry.   They generally work fine for very basic wayfinding, but with workplace solutions becoming more integrated there are more digital options offering more helpful capabilities.   Luckily, thanks to technology, hardware and software becoming much more cost-effective compared to twenty years ago, digital wayfinding solutions are starting to compete against the time-intensive and resource heavy process of manually updating printed maps across a multi-building campus or global company.   Read on to find out more and contact us today to find out how to update your printed office plans.     Easy Map Updating   If you’ve recently made some changes to your office floor plan, you’ll understand just how tedious it is to update the printed floor plan maps around your office.   With new workplace wayfinding software, you’re able to display your office floor plans on sleek, easy-to-use digital monitors, which take the process of updating from manual to digital.   Because the monitors display a digital file, making changes to your floor plan maps is as simple as updating the map file, uploading it to the web-based system, and selecting where the map is to show. Once the changes are saved, the floor plans on all the selected locations are updated within seconds.   This means there’s no need to update the plans and email them to a different department who then prints them and organizes for someone to manually walk around the office and replace the old plans.     Interactive Wayfinding Options   A huge benefit of going digital is the capability of letting your employees interact with the map. This simply isn’t possible with old, printed technology.   At an office, for example, a map outside an elevator bank usually just shows the floorplan for that floor. Why restrict employees to only viewing that floor when an interactive solution could allow them to view another floor of even get directions to another building on campus?   Alternatively, guests at your office could get easy-to-follow directions to the nearest bathroom or reception desk if you’re located in a large, complex building. Your employees could also quickly search for one of their employees to locate their desk and/or cubicle, or visitors to your business center could quickly locate the meeting room they’re heading to.   These types of interactive wayfinding features allow you to streamline efficiency in your workplace and maximize the user experience. By streamlining such simple processes, you’re able to save your employees time and boost their efficiency, which essentially translates into more money for your company. Plus, using such advanced technology is sure to impress your visitors, too.     office digital way finding solutions     Upgrade Ready   Using a digital wayfinding solution means the sky’s the limit on what kind of content and features you can present to your users.   Once you’ve invested in the hardware, power, and network to power your new digital floor plans, you can experiment with a whole variety of new content and features.   For example, you could start by simply using your floorplans to show the maps of each floor or building at your complex.   But what if, in a few months time, you want to step things up a little and experiment with some of the interactive options we mentioned above? What if you want your floor plans to allow users to search for empty conference rooms or see meeting room timetables, for example?   Making those changes can be as simple as integrating with existing systems, uploading new content and slightly tweaking your software.     As we saw, digital wayfinding solutions offer an exciting new alternative to the traditional printed floor plans of the past. We’re super excited to present these new solutions to you and can’t wait to see more companies harnessing the power of this simple, yet impactful new technology.   To find out more about our digital wayfinding solutions, contact us today.