Why To Integrate Your Workplace Wayfinding With Your Scheduling System

Workplace wayfinding and scheduling systems have long operated side-by-side. However, thanks to new technology, you can now integrate them to create an interactive tool for your employees to book meetings and find their way around the workplace quickly and efficiently.    Here are three simple reasons why you should integrate your workplace wayfinding with your scheduling system:      1. Make It Easy To See If Rooms Are Available   An office map can easily show your employees the location of different rooms. However, by integrating your wayfinding with your scheduling system, your employees will be able to see exactly which rooms are available when they need them.    We’re all familiar with the traditional method of browsing all your company’s meeting rooms via Outlook and looking for one that’s available. While this system may be fine for employees while they’re at their desks, it isn’t ideal for anyone that’s on the move.    By integrating your wayfinding and scheduling systems, your employees have instant access to all the necessary data to plan meetings on the fly, or find their way around the workplace if they’re running late or in a rush.      2. Make It Easy To Find Your Meetings   We’ve all been there; you’re running between meetings but forgot the name of the meeting room you’re heading to. You try to get out your laptop or phone, which can be a pain when you’re already on a tight schedule.    By integrating your wayfinding with your scheduling system, all your employees have instant access to the necessary meeting data, meaning they can easily identify a meeting by its subject or room name.    This is also extremely helpful for visitors, such as potential clients or business partners, who’ll easily be able to navigate through your workplace to their allocated meeting room.      3. Make It Easy For Employees To Manage Their Meetings   Integrating your wayfinding with your scheduling system allows you to create a simple, user-friendly experience for your employees to book a new meeting or modify an existing meeting… and do it from various digital endpoints so your employee isn’t restricted to just manage meetings on their computer.   They’ll be able to instantly book rooms, cancel or extend meetings, and browse what rooms are available at what times. This turns your standard old wayfinding into a powerful tool for maximizing your employees efficiency by making the process of booking a meeting so much more intuitive.      For more information on how the Signet Digital Engagement Platform can offer your corporate office more connected and intelligent tools, contact us today.