Employee Comms Never Looked So Good

Today, most companies acknowledge that employee comms are a significant form of engagement with numerous benefits.   However, till now companies have been restricted to logging their employee communications on an intranet or printing them out as flyers. Those days are over.   Thanks to more advanced digital engagement platforms, your employee communications can now become much more attractive and visually appealing, allowing your employees to absorb, enjoy, and appreciate the message of your internal communications.   Many internal communication professionals who already use digital screens simply use PowerPoint templates to create simple slideshows to play back on their system all day long.   In today’s digital world, your employees expect and deserve more.   Below are 3 key areas where you can start stepping up your employee communications with sophisticated, yet affordable digital content management.    

  1. Amazingly High Resolutions (4k & Beyond)

  If you thought your brand styled images and graphics looked great on your intranet and website home page, think again. Wait until you see how it can look on a 55-inch screen at native resolutions up to 4k.   Most of that imagery is already sourced at resolutions to fill a 55-inch screen, even 4k. Once your design team understands these larger resolutions, they will A) be excited to show off their work on larger screens, and B) have no problem scaling up their vector graphics and using the higher resolution versions of the brand images.   Not only does this allow you to make a larger impact on your employees, but the higher resolutions make for beautiful pixel clarity.   But what if we told you that you could go beyond 4K?   Using multi-screen media walls in areas like your corporate lobby or cafeteria, your employee communications can really come to life. These walls usually feature a native resolution of up to 6 or 12K width.   Now, creating content for this kind of resolution may seem daunting. However, using multiple high-res images and some vector elements, it’s quite easy.   Try contacting your in-house design team and pitching them on the idea of creating content for a 4K media wall.   Trust us, it will peak their interest, and once they understand how easy it is and how awesome the results can be, they’ll be eager to jump onboard.    

  1. Use Motion Graphics

  Forget the boring picture slideshows you played back on your intranets home page. With many enterprise content managers, you can easily incorporate dynamic movements and transitions into your content.   While people originally reserved these kind of elements for company videos, there are now simple ways to integrate any type of motion or brand-specific movement styles to all your content pieces.   Start by checking out your company videos on Youtube or other sources and jot down the URL and times of the motion graphics you’d like to incorporate into your message. Pass them onto your designers or video specialists and they’ll easily be able to replicate them for you in a simple video format that you can integrate into your employee comms content.    

  1. Supplemental Content

  You can’t expect your employees to watch non-stop messaging about internal communications. Luckily, with new digital signage technology, you can easily incorporate breaks into your content, making it a lot easier to digest.   Consider inserting some simple 5-15 second transitions between your content. These can include fun images, motivational taglines, or much more.   Managing this type of interstitial content should be easy. Your content management system should allow for an easy interface to position and schedule each piece of content. And once you get some feedback from your employees, use the same system to adjust your content based on their preferences.   A good way to integrate this content is to observe and time how long your employees stop at your display. Track the average time of engagement of your employees and insert short content breaks to hopefully encourage them to stick around for some more.   So, there you have it, our top tips for increasing employee communications. Incorporate these tips into your internal communications and start engaging your employees with some great content.   For more articles like this, regularly check out our blog. To learn more about our digital engagement platform, contact us today.