5 Reasons Why Customer Success Stories Rock

Every marketing piece’s number one goal is to connect with the audience. Whether you’re planning content for your company’s booth at tradeshows or at an executive briefing center, nothing is better than customer success stories at connecting to people in all the right ways.   In this article, we’ll show you why customer success stories or case studies are one of the best ways to connect with your customers and provide pro tips for simple concise actions to ensure success.   1. They Speak To The Problem.   Before you can sell a product or service, you need to sell a potential customer on why they need that service/product in the first place. This is often referred to as “selling the problem.” In doing so, you’re able to highlight the true value behind what you’re offering.   Customer success stories/case studies are a great way of selling the problem because they highlight it clearly and provide a great example of how it may affect your potential customer.   Pro tip: Clearly articulate the problem in no more than two sentences. If it is much more drawn out than that, the message can easily get diluted and your audience can miss the main point.   2. They Connect Emotionally.   By showing how other customers use your products and services, customer stories connect with your potential customers on a much deeper level, especially when they demonstrate the benefits.   You could have the best designed product on the market but you’ll struggle to move it off the shelf if you don’t show your customers how they can benefit from it. This is why other successful customer examples are so powerful.   Pro tip: Make sure each of your products has multiple success stories to talk to each target vertical/audience. If a potential customer sees your product being used in a situation they can relate with, you’re one step closer to converting them.   3. They Show Credibility.   Your customers are bombarded with sales offers on a daily basis, with each one claiming to be the best on the market. Customer success stories can help you stand out from your competitors by adding credibility to your sales pitch.   By showing how many other customers rely on your products/services, you’ll be helping potential customers respect your brand.   Pro tip: Feature success stories from high-profile customers or well-known companies to help impress your leads.   4. They Are Easy To Share.   Customer success stories can be an interesting and unique form of product information which means it’s much more likely to be taken back with a customer and shared among their company. Sometimes your audience isn’t the decision maker or they need further approval, so they want to have access to these customer stories to help them make traction within their own organization.   You’ll have a much higher chance of intriguing a potential customer with a story about how Google or another high-profile client uses your products/services around the office than by handing them a sheet with a list of specs and features.   Pro tip: A video might be the best media type for visual impact, but always create a PDF in addition as it’s the easiest medium to email and share as an attachment that everyone can access quickly.   5. They Work In Almost Any Setting.   A great customer success story can be featured almost everywhere, from a briefing center with potential customers are doing deep technical briefings to an event tradeshow booth where you only have a few minutes to catch the attention of a semi-interested person or party.   Customer stories can also be great content within your own office, informing and inspiring your own employee base. Sometimes your workforce is so busy on their day-to-day activities, they don’t get exposed to how your customers in the real world are actually using and benefiting from them.   Pro tip: If budget is an issue that is standing in your way, reach out to other departments who might also benefit from it and create a combined use case. When you start reaching out, you might be surprised of the interest that can spread, and you might even hear of another group already planning some.   So there you have it, a quick look at why customer success stories are one of the best ways to connect with your potential customers in virtually any setting. Please keep the pro tips above in mind as you start planning your own or updating previous customer stories, to ensure optimal success.