Meeting Room Signs

Meeting Room Signs
Meeting Room Signs


The Signet meeting room sign application is an integral part of corporate workplace advancements, offering a digital endpoint outside any conference room. The application is integrated with your company’s scheduling system to pull in meeting data and connected to the Signet enterprise content manager for interface styling, graphics and administration functions.


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Room Info & Features

The meeting room sign application features the meeting room name along with the room details: room number, occupancy, and any technical features such as a projector or telephone. The application automatically updates, transitioning from each meeting based on their scheduled times, but with the touch-app capability, it also allows employees to reserve the room, extend a current meeting and also view any other future meetings that day in the room.

Availability & Future Meetings

The application highlights the availability of the room by a color change to help employees notice from afar and upon their arrival, they can use the touch screen to quickly reserve the room on the spot. The bottom time-bar visually shows the room’s availability throughout today and allows users to touch on a meeting to view its details.

Custom Branding & Styling

The meeting room sign application has a customizable interface that allows you to make it brand specific. Elements such as type and graphics can be styled per your color palette and the header can be a custom graphic that you can update easily in the Signet enterprise content manager.

Edit Your Current Meeting

The application gives you the flexibility and ease to quickly extend your meeting if you’re going over and there is no scheduled meeting directly after yours. You can also end your meeting early which indicates the room is now available and other employees can choose to use it.