Taking Network Operation Centers to the Next Level

At HP’s Silicon Valley Office, big changes were afoot and they all revolved around their Global Operations Center. As a global tech innovator, HP execs felt that the Center needed to do more in demonstrating their position in the industry. This meant delivering greater flexibility in what their staff could view and monitor. The Center’s current displays weren’t cutting it, and the team at HP looked toward a larger solution — specifically, a large-scale multi-display video wall for maximum viewing and impact.   The center space was first outfitted with a 12-screen video wall (four screens across by three screens high) created from 55″ displays. When integrated together, the total display spanned 15 feet across. The video wall was implemented to playback at full native resolution, creating a double 4k width.   To best accommodate the various information to display on the video wall, the administrator can chose from six different layouts to show across the wall. The different layouts are integrated with various live computer inputs, data sources, web resources, and graphics from the Signet enterprise content manager. The following video shows an example of the whole solution at work.    

    To successfully achieve the project’s goals, Signet had to focus on the various hardware components in the design. This included an Atlona 16×16 HDBaseT Matrix Switcher paired with an iTach tcp/ip to RS232 device. In concert with the Signet controller web application and player, we provided control of the various inputs and outputs resourced by the player, as well as the ability to power on/off displays used on the wall.   An additional key feature of the configuration was the ability to switch the video wall layouts via any device on the local network. This provided a significant amount of flexibility in administration, ensuring that it didn’t solely rely on one person or one system. A custom web app was created to enable the center staff to trigger video wall content via their own mobile devices, room tablets, or desktop computers.   This type of innovation helps put operation centers in a more efficient workflow in their everyday monitoring and support tasks. With the new system installed and working, the team at HP found that this new level of flexibility allowed for content management in the truest sense — from data input to content selection to output options manipulating the display, Signet’s work elevated the HP Global Operations Center to the cutting edge of the industry.