New Sports Team Data Widget

We are happy to announce that we have expanded on our data widget library to offer a sports team news widget. Sports play such a big role in today’s culture so we’re excited to offer sports news in real-time across our clients’ display networks.   To accommodate the needs of specific team fans and locations that have loyal fan bases to their local area teams, our sports widget is built to easily show news per selected teams. All the teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL are available and feature the team news, logo and colors.   The news data is pulled from the industry-leading ESPN network, and should be consistent with the current topics that sports fans enjoy from SportsCenter and the ESPN website. The ESPN branded data widget will let your viewers know the sports news is credible and from a trusted source.   Integrating the new sports widget into your existing or new display channel layout is very flexible as the new sports data can be formatted to fit your designated area. The widget can also apply custom styling to match your brand guidelines or current graphical style while still including the ESPN logo.   We’re looking forward to getting this new data widget out there and keep all those sports fans up to date throughout their day.