Live Tweeting to Media Wall is Big Hit at IBM’s Open House

Recently, IBM held an open house for its Dallas / Fort Worth client center. To mark the special occasion, the center’s staff wanted to leverage their new media wall’s social app to make the event as personal and fun as possible. Using the social app — custom designed and developed by Signet — guests were able to see their tweets in real time on the center’s massive 11-screen media wall.   The lobby’s media wall is just one of the digital endpoints in IBM’s client center, but in this case, it also acted as the showcase for an innovative and personalized experience thanks to dynamic content. The social app pulled a hashtag created for the event and displayed those tweets on the media wall in real time. From selfies to compliments regarding the center’s overhaul, numerous guests took advantage of this unique digital experience. In all, more than 60 tweets — including 33 photos — made it on to the big screen.   IBM Social Feature   The social app is a custom application that acts as a piece of content in the overall media wall’s playlist. The playlist also utilizes sub-playlists of brand videos and custom marketing motion graphics, along with social content from various across Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds.   During this event, the app still showed the usual feeds from IBM; however, the Twitter module was customized to only display content with the event hashtag. The media device fetched content from Twitter, and within 90 seconds of detecting a tweet with the hashtag, it was displayed on the media wall. To further customize the experience, the app was configured with a moderation module to flag negative or inappropriate content via designated words for filtering and removal by the enterprise content manager.   The event and the app demonstrate the flexibility of custom Signet solutions, especially for very specific usages. The design represents the best of Signet’s design philosophies: an interconnected system with solutions and options available to maximize customizability and flexibility. Above all, it starts with a great idea. In this case, the idea came from our innovative client stakeholders at the Dallas / Fort Worth center. How will you harness the power of your media display and Signet solutions? We can’t wait to see what comes next!