Juniper Network’s Executive Briefing Center Upgraded With New Digital Display Network

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Juniper Networks is recognized around the world as a leading manufacturer of networking equipment. At its corporate headquarters, Jupiter has a multi-use two-story executive briefing center. Recently, the company sought to create a more impactful digital experience at its briefing center. Signet was brought in to evaluate potential ways to upgrade Juniper’s digital display network to be more efficient, updatable, and impactful.   Once an upgrade plan was defined, the first phase of updates were executed to the briefing center’s display endpoints and enterprise content manager enablement. The updates reached across the entire facility: the reception area, two lounge areas, and all meeting room door monitors.   The display behind the reception desk previously only had a single screen to greet clients, one that required daily manual content updates. Signet overhauled the display endpoint, connecting it to the enterprise content manager and integrating it with the briefing center’s scheduling system. This streamlined the update process to automatically pull client information for the day (names, meeting room, and industry). This enhanced the experience so that clients saw an event welcome message followed by individual greetings and meeting locations. Following these introductory messages, the systems displayed media pieces based on the client’s tagged industry.   Juniper Feature   Individual meeting rooms used an iPad device mounted outside the door. Once integrated into the display network, every device became an opportunity to provide briefing details and branded content. Every iPad was installed with a customized application that connected to the scheduling system and displayed names and meeting times for the room. If the room had no currently scheduled event, brand content was displayed. The application also took advantage of the iPad’s touch capabilities to provide an interactive map with directions for wayfinding in the two-story building.   The center’s two key lounge areas already had a 2×2 media wall; Signet took this display space a step further to create an experience that both educated and entertained. The wall’s right side featured headlines and images from Juniper’s Facebook, Twitter and RSS News. The wall’s bottom-left area showed local weather, Juniper stock info, and network industry news. An additional media window played brand content (managed through the enterprise content manager) and a custom full-screen graphic showed the briefing center’s map, along with all locations highlighted to assist any lost guests.   The first phase completed deployment in late 2014. Within a few weeks, briefing center staff and visitors provided positive feedback for the revamped experience. This impact was felt across both staff and visitors. Staff received more options for messaging and distributing information while streamlining the content update process. Visitors saw a more dynamic experience across multiple displays and had instant access to helpful information, maps, news, and customized content.