IBM Creates Dynamic Lobby Experience with New Large-Scale Media Wall

The IBM Dallas/Fort Worth client center is a prime example on how to showcase a company’s latest technologies and solutions. As such, the visitor experience starts the instant a person steps through the door. IBM sought to revamp the lobby to create a dynamic and engaging digital experience that created a striking first impression.   To achieve this, a new media wall was installed behind the reception desk and lounge area for the purpose of welcoming clients in a more personalized and targeted manner, while also featuring some of IBM’s new marketing initiatives and solution content.   The media wall spanned 11 portrait-oriented displays, with four behind the reception desk and seven just to the right in the lounge area. Playing content across the entire wall as a single canvas — over thirty feet in length with a hallway through the middle — generated an immersive experience for any visitor upon stepping in the lobby. The screens also connected to the LED lighting system above and below the media wall to accentuate displayed content. With the lighting controller connected to the media device, each piece of content was capable of triggering a specific color to be shown or color animation sequence set for the duration of that content piece.   IBM DFW Media Wall Feature   While the main purpose of the media wall was to create an impact upon welcoming the client, the digital display network also integrated with the center’s scheduling system to provide logistical benefits. This feature pulled visiting clients and room names for the day, then automatically displayed a targeted client welcome. Thanks to corresponding industry mapping data, welcome messages were followed by an appropriate IBM Smarter Planet industry piece.   The media wall’s smart scheduling capabilities also made adjustments based on time of day. For example, more clients typically arrived during the morning, so those periods displayed more welcome messages. During slower periods, the content dynamically changed to feature more marketing messages and informative solution-based content. In addition, a custom social media and data-driven content application was created to display during these times. The application spanned the entire wall, with the left side featuring an editable text label and the right side cycling through various IBM Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds. This custom piece could also be modified through the enterprise content manager. During a recent event, further customizations were created to feature a custom hashtag in real time, allowing visitors to post pictures and tweets with the hashtag, then see their post on the wall within minutes.   Coordinated by Brand Experience, (, the IBM client center media wall represents a successful model of how a Signet media wall solution can integrate with various data sources and content to create a striking and customized experience. With client welcomes, local messages, brand segments, Smarter Planet and Icons of Progress campaign pieces, the social media application, even custom video content created by creative studio Spacejunk (, content management is flexible and automated for easy management. Overall, the Dallas/Fort Worth center demonstrates the power of Signet technology when yielded by a well-trained staff and filled with creative content — and the bottom line is that visitors have a better, more personal, and more visually stunning experience.