GoPro Teams Up with Signet for Innovative Retail Kiosk Experience

GoPro has taken their retail experience to the next level with a grander, more technologically advanced kiosk experience. Customers will experience a new scale and scope, bringing a new level of impact to the amazing and inspiring GoPro videos through larger screens and more options for exploring GoPro’s products and accessories.   Most people can recognize the current GoPro retail kiosks, which have the consistent brand look of the white unit, a display playing content, and the products/accessories in front. With the new strategy, the kiosk has turned into more of an experience with a large standing, walk-through unit with three 65” displays playing the impactful GoPro footage. The middle area features a mini-bar where reps can help customers browse GoPro products and accessory packages by activity type through a custom tablet application.  

    GoPro re-envisioned the physical retail experience with innovative environmental design firm Hood (, then brought in Signet to help integrate the digital and technical elements. Previous kiosk iterations were playing locally stored videos with limited capabilities for updates, but the Signet enterprise content manager delivered a connected management experience. The result? The amazing GoPro video content could be easily managed and scheduled per each display via a simple web browser. The rep’s tablet application also connects to the content manager, allowing flexibility in deploying updates and managing content.   Future additions are already planned to up the ante with an even more personalized and measurable experience. Without revealing too much, just think of walking up to a display and then the next few videos are personalized to your age and gender, connecting you emotionally to the footage, all while envisioning yourself shooting a similar video. Additional analytic tracking will record shopper dwell time and interactions, which will then drive content updates and retail experience future planning.   Signet is excited to be a part of such an impactful and innovative retail experience for such a popular brand, and not just because we love using our own GoPro products. This new retail experience and its future planning really hint at the future of the retail displays: a truly personalized and intelligent shopping experience, where the brand itself can be more intelligently informed using analytics to enhance it more in the future.