EBC Demo Room Pushes The Limits Of Integrated Video Wall Capabilities

For major tech companies, executive briefing centers are more than just conference rooms. They need to be equal parts communication hub, meeting center, and product/software demonstration zone. One particular technology stalwart had a vision, and they brought Signet in to help make it a reality at their Silicon Valley location. The goal was to build a new large-scale video wall across the two brands supported in the EBC (RSA and its parent EMC).   The goal was to have a six-screen video wall featuring different layouts of inputs to accommodate the various visual states of demos or teleconferences. The room itself has several different demo computers hooked up to a central system; the video wall needed connectivity capabilities for real-time display of each computer’s screen activity. This connectivity also created an efficient method for allowing teleconferencing via the video wall (with users using their existing desktop methods).   In addition to direct demo or teleconference feeds, the different visual states displayed by the video wall included brand videos, data sources (social media feeds, weather, RSS news), marketing imagery, and external brand web pages — all controlled through a custom mobile application, which cycled through both brand assets and preset layout content.   EMC and RSA Branding Side by Side   “This is the first time we’ve handled a cross-branded implementation of mobile triggering, so it presented some interesting technical challenges,” said Brandon Rose, Signet’s Director of Development. “We weren’t just changing content but also changing branding. The solution required multiple forks in the system to allow control over content, input, data, feeds, and messaging.”   The various advanced integrations are what really brought the overall project together. The video wall connected to the enterprise content manager — the source for all media assets and the controller for scheduling, updating, or selecting data sources. The content manager also hooked into the room’s general A/V system through an extron scaling matrix, enabling individual computer input capabilities over demonstrations and local presentations. Other secure web services were interconnected to the digital display network for mobile triggering, allowing external commands to communicate with the system and trigger real-time updates to layout and content on the video wall.   The mobile controller application is one of Signet’s most popular solutions when configuring advanced digital experiences with on-demand capabilities. When fully connected to the digital display network, the mobile triggering can connect and control just about everything: layout changes, specific media playback, lighting adjustments, sounds controls, and more. The app utilizes a web-based mobile framework for flexible and responsive layouts so devices of different sizes can leverage its features. In addition, the mobile framework can have access customized for the network based on user credentials.   Innovations like this start out as a pie-in-the-sky vision — but what really motivates the Signet crew is how that vision can push us to test the limits of what technology, collaboration, and problem solving can truly accomplish. These challenges help us evolve the digital media display industry; in particular, this project was a great example of how an interconnected solution can provide a truly unique and integrated experience. The combination of EMC’s vision and Signet’s engineering prowess truly created something new, transforming an ordinary meeting room into something futuristic and memorable.