eBay Strategically Rolling Out Wayfinding to Global Office Locations

A key component in turning a normal office into the workplace of the future is giving your employees more tools and information when they need it on the run, away from their desk. eBay has put emphasis on wayfinding and conference room schedules as that component to allow employee engagement at various points within their office buildings. Starting at one UK campus and two San Jose, CA campuses, eBay has been working with Signet to roll out wayfinding experiences that integrate with their conference room scheduling data and planning it in a strategic way that doesn’t require too much initial cost and construction.   For their first deployment, eBay chose to re-use their existing displays to highlight conference room availability and also floorplan maps to help with wayfinding. Most of the time, wayfinding means an interactive experience such as a kiosk, but in order to run on a normal non-touch screen, Signet created a passive version of the wayfinding experience which runs in a self-animated style. This non-interactive version shows the current floor’s enter map with all the conference rooms highlighted based on them being available or in-use, and then on the right side each room animates through its current meeting details.  


  • Floorplan map
  • Conference room and status (available or in-use)
  • Areas of interest (map legend icons
  • Conference room details (occupancy, projector, display, telephone)
  • Current meeting details (name and duration)
  • Conference room schedule (for next 1.5 hours)

  eBay Wayfinding Image 1    

    The next strategic step in their wayfinding deployment was to plan out their first interactive experiences. Since those did require the purchasing and installation of new hardware, eBay chose to start by just putting them in each office’s first floor where the most traffic is found and people are looking for directions to rooms across all floors. Signet also created the interactive application to have 2 different deployment views, landscape and portrait orientated, so eBay has the flexibility to deploy it differently per any location’s needs.


  • Access to any campus building’s floorplans
  • All conference rooms and areas of interest per any building’s floor
  • Each conference room’s details and schedule for the day
  • All scheduled meetings across the campus for the day
  • Listing of conference rooms across campus with search capability

  eBay Wayfinding Image 1   eBay Wayfinding Image 1