Client Solutions Customized to Handle their “Selfie” Initiatives

Selfie: that ubiquitous photo taken of one’s self at arm’s (or stick’s) length. Selfies have been around as long as cameras have, but only in the last decade has it earned an actual term thanks to high-resolution cell-phone cameras. Since their boom in popularity, digital experiences have been trying to best leverage that content — who doesn’t love seeing their selfies displayed on the big screen? With various methods of selfie submission (social media, email, texting), companies can take advantage of this popular trend and use it to connect their audience with their brand.   With many corporate and internal programs asking teams to submit selfies, a lot of our clients want to incorporate selfies into their digital content strategy and create a submission/display mechanism for their solution. Since selfies are just images and possibly a caption, that content can come from public sources (Twitter, Instagram) or from internal systems that can be connected to the enterprise content management system.   We’ve seen groups within a company start their own selfie program, then work with us to create a custom widget featuring each employee’s selfie submission. The custom widget allowed for images to be uploaded and attached to it, and each image includes an optional caption. The widget displays selfies for a configurable amount of time, and each image and caption comes with individual animation and transition for an innovative style.   Selfie Trend Feature   “Selfies are such a huge trend and popular type of media in today’s society. Any program that wants to connect to their employees or audience in a fun way should try to leverage it”, says Neil Rieger, Director of Creative Services at Signet. “It’s amazing how memorable it is for someone to see their own picture on a public digital display where others can appreciate it also.”   To handle more live, real-time submissions, our social media applications have the capability to pull in specific feeds by hashtags, making it easy to resource from a custom selfie tag. For example, a recent client event invited open-house guests to tweet at their hashtag, Selfies and tweets featuring the hashtag were displayed on the large-scale media wall. Once guests realized that tweets and images showed up within 60 seconds, they began to have more fun with it, and selfies soon began to flood the stream. The selfies were a great way to see people having a fun, memorable time at the open house — a form of engagement truly enjoyed by all guests.   The selfie trend probably isn’t going away anytime soon, so a unique opportunity exists to leverage selfies into digital solutions and experiences that create value with your audiences. How can you get the most out of selfies? Be creative! The more innovative the idea, the more impactful and fun the outcome might turn out to be.