Can We Show Our Upcoming Events? … Of Course

Almost everyone has some type of event information they want to include in their overall digital content strategy. From public events to internal meetings, there is almost always a need to highlight certain activities’ date, time, title and description. Then the next question is if those events can be pulled in dynamically without any manual effort. We, of course, love saying, “sure.” As long as there’s a data feed that we can get access to, we’re happy to connect to it through our enterprise content manager.   Our most recent calendar integration involved a data format called iCal, which is a supported data format for Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and many Web CMS systems. Leveraging this data format required a slight update to our normal event integration service, but that’s something we’re always happy to do because it broadens our capabilities. The iCal feed gave us our system access to all the upcoming client events per different categories and each event’s title, short description, long description, date, starting time, and duration. With those data points, we also customized our front end data widget design to mimic the style front the clients website.   A different client had the great idea to showcase their company’s local sponsored arena events which houses local sport teams, concerts and other activities. Their partner company who ran the event venue website already had a RSS feed which fed their website, and they were happy to give us access to that RSS feed for our data integration. That event widget was a nice addition to their executive briefing center lobby display for guests from out of town to see any possible events to attend while in town.   If your company or venue doesn’t have a data feed that we can tap into, that’s ok, we can still get you started in a semi-manual fashion. We have created many manual-entry widget templates which clients can edit on an ongoing basis to publish their event information. The reason we call it “semi-manual” is because it gives you the capability to enter as many future events or multiple future views of the event widget as you want, and then just schedule them to display in our enterprise content management system accordingly.   So no matter if you have a data source for your events or not, we’re happy to get you set up accordingly. Any data source will help automate your events widget so you never have to manually enter that information. But even creating a manual-entry event template will allow for future scheduling in helpful ways to keep your audience up to date on your event information.