AAA Launches New Digital Experiences in Re-Opening of West Coast Branch

Earlier this month, AAA launched their first redefined west coast customer branch experience at their Folsom, California location. This launch is part of AAA’s goal of a greater west coast experience, a movement driven by an update taking place across other branches. Overall, this process targets consumer flow and digital experience optimization, and the recent Folsom launch was driven by one of Signet’s strategic partners: world-renowned architectural firm Gensler.   One of the most impactful elements was the new queueing system process. Signet integrated with AAA’s queueing vender QLess for a custom touch experience that puts customers right in line after entering their info and reason for visit. At launch, we saw customers already using the bilingual option, which allows for one-tap language switching from English to Spanish.   Viewable throughout the branch entry and waiting area, the high-visibility media wall, with its ability to play 4k native content across four screens, made an immediate impact. For launch, a custom video was created, though the staff was also trained on the Signet content manager, enabling easy content updates or strategic additions.  

    Audio also was a new element, which was exciting to hear during the launch. The queue display screen (for customer lines) also plays a custom audio clip when a new customer is being called. The workers at the branch weren’t expecting such a feature, so the new audio addition was certainly a pleasant surprise.   With AAA reaching so many people these days through their terrific services, along with their innovative prowess to create a more digitally enhanced customer experience, Signet was thrilled to work with AAA on this branch refresh. As we look to the future and AAA’s goal of propagating this new branch experience throughout the west coast, it’s clear that these types of facilities will truly optimize branch solutions and AAA customer satisfaction.