3 Keys to this Global Company Enhancing Engagement in the Workplace

With numerous corporate office locations worldwide, Visa wanted to focus on taking their corporate communications to the next level with a global platform that fully supported their current and future needs. Visa understood the opportunity of leveraging digital in a more interconnected way, bringing all their offices together while optimizing their workflow for setting up new digital endpoints, managing content and deploying new experiences.  

  Here are the 3 key areas that Visa focused on out of the gate:   1. Lobby Experiences for Employees and Guests Any lobby entrance is bound to see heavier traffic, as the point for all entry, and usually is the best place to set a brand-specific tone to everyone passing by. With each office being unique, Visa has set different standards for each office to leverage, from videowalls, welcome screens, wayfinding kiosks, to 4k media displays. These endpoints, which are all managed through their enterprise content manager, help provide a more innovative and efficient means of inspiration, utility, marketing, and entertainment.   Visa Workplace-1   2. Interactive Wayfinding for All Room Types One of the most helpful types of employee utility is wayfinding to different rooms across a corporate campus. Visa actually has 3 different room types (conference rooms, hoteling areas, and huddle rooms) to give location and information for, which they gave employees access to via touch-enabled displays in each lobby and outside each floor’s elevator area. The wayfinding solution is also connected to their content management system for easy updates to room information and user interface elements.   Visa Workplace-2   3. Multi-Endpoint Corporate Comms Consistency One of the greatest challenges for a global solution is to create consistent methods for content creation and deployment that work for all the various display types, sizes and orientations. Visa pre-defined their complex content strategy, helping them plan dynamic content templates that worked for their needs and were created in flexible, responsive ways allowing them to produce just one content item and have it dynamically format for any screen it played on. After setting up global playlists among the localized playlists, these dynamic content templates helped Visa’s content managers focus on producing the most compelling content and not worry about each different display’s size or resolution.   Visa Workplace-3   Can you imagine all the benefits of setting up a next generation platform for your company’s employee engagement and communication needs across your multiple office campuses?