Virtual Warmer

First Impression for Your
Virtual Meetings

While your virtual guests are gathering before the remote session starts, take the opportunity to provide a personalized welcome message for them with your own company branded touch.

Set the stage with a more targeted visual approach by having the background media be tailored to your customer’s industry or other set value for that the briefing.

Accommodate last minute requests with the option to enter a custom briefing with full agenda details that will allow your team to offer the full virtual welcome experience on-demand as needed.

Personalized First Impression for Virtual Briefings

Set the stage for your customer experience upon your guests first joining your video conference by providing them a branded personalized welcome for them to enjoy while waiting.

See how to best kick off your virtual briefings.


Signet Virtual Warmer Product Sheet Preview

Virtual Warmer
Product Sheet

See more on how to kick off your virtual briefings with next-level features, offering your customers a next-level engagement.


Customer Targeted Media

Relate to your audience by speaking to their vertical or other briefing-specific value, through background media or iconography that integrates into the virtual welcome experience.

Quick Launch Access

The administrative portal offers a one-click launch for any scheduled briefing, so you have all the capabilities at your finger tips to easily launch any virtual welcome experience in a new window for your briefing today or preview the functionality for a future briefing.

Companies look to us to keep engagements personal.

Our Virtual Warmer is used in briefing programs big, small and every size in between. No matter the size of the company, we help every briefing feel like a personal experience for their customers.

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Use the day’s scheduling system data to provide a message customized for the day’s visitors.

Customer Briefing Agenda Topic Speaker

Discussion Topics

Showcase your virtual briefing agenda topics along with each discussion leader.

Virtual Briefing Settings

Interactive Options

Easy header controls to set a break countdown timer and control the rotation playback.

Custom Briefing Media

From your CEO welcome, specific product promotion, to a related customer success story, easily upload custom media that speaks to your customers and animates nicely in rotation.

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