New Partnership With Optoma Creates Limitless Projection Solutions

At Signet, we’re always thinking about how we can possibly further our innovative digital solutions. In order to do that, sometimes you need a little bit of help. To that end, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Optoma for projection hardware and solutions. Headquartered near Signet’s main offices in Silicon Valley, Optoma Technology, Inc is close enough for easy access to in-person meetings and collaboration. Together, we can push the boundaries of innovation when integrating their products.   Fremont-based Optoma maintains an extensive network of dealers, distributors, VARs, consumer electronics retailers, Internet resellers, and partners. This creates international availability, which is a key aspect of our partnership — and any of our partnerships, in fact. As clients request further unique and customized display solutions, we see more opportunities to introduce projection-based hardware. This is often in situations where the client wants something large-scale that wraps on a curved wall, or if there simply isn’t the ability to logistically mount a video wall. Projector technology is evolving, increasing clarity while decreasing price point, so we hope to integrate more innovative projection-based solutions in our projects.   If you’re wondering why we chose Optoma, there’s more to it than mere proximity. Their hardware supports many possibilities:

  • Desktop, installations, mobile, and ultra mobile LED
  • Short throw and ultra-short throw
  • Full 3D compatibility
  • Interactive pen for drawing capabilities
  • Flexible resolution capabilities
  • Flexible lumen brightness
  • Access to complete catalog of projectors and related hardware and accessories

  Optoma also handles powerful and intuitive image blending utilizing a warping processor. With this processor, overlapping edges of two or more projected images are merged, creating a seamless single image. If you’re curious about what else Optoma brings to the table, we’ll let them speak for themselves — here’s how they describe themselves on their website:   “Optoma Technology, the number one supplier of DLP® projectors in the Americas, delivers projectors and related accessories to consumers, businesses and educators, as well as professional installers. With advanced optical engineering and dedication to quality, Optoma’s innovative products incorporate the latest refinements in video display technology. Optoma’s products meet the needs of business users by combining superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering in order to deliver images that are bright, crystal clear and finely-tuned for tone and color.”   With Signet supporting true enterprise media solutions and management, projector technology and capabilities are critical in handling innovative requests. Thanks to the new Optoma partnership, Signet is excited to start offering more projection solutions for our clients at both enterprise and international levels.