Momentum: Integration & Global Distribution Partner

Supporting our solutions requires local hardware, in-country delivery, and integration services for locations around the world. Signet is pleased to announce a new partnership with Momentum Microsystems for integration and global distribution services.   Momentum is a leading provider of integrated solutions for enterprise clients. Momentum provides contract manufacturing, integration, and distribution with capabilities for conducting worldwide deployment. After the customized build and integration of high-end workstations, notebooks, servers, custom software solutions, Momentum ships complete bundles to Signet customers worldwide.   Signet provides Enterprise Media solutions and management for our clients worldwide. We solve for and deliver end-to-end hardware, software, creative, development, implementation, and support solutions. We provide solution architecting, content creative, management services, and on-going service and support across all means of digital media that innovates, engages, and scales.   We connect and enable content & engagement on any display, mobile device, or wall – anywhere, anytime to enable communication and collaboration across all channels.   A true enterprise supports not only multiple digital endpoints within a location, but across many locations, around the world. In addition, today’s digital marketing, collaboration, and economy demands sharing of solution architecture and content regardless of physical location. As such, Signet delivers our solutions to clients at a global level.