Why Companies Should Showcase Their Event Recap Pictures

Many companies go through great lengths to organize memorable and successful events. Take the tech industry as an example. Companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft hold incredibly impressive events that wow their customers and employees.

But what happens when these events are over? Well, even if you’re not running a tech giant, you can always end your event on a high note! You want your employees to remember the great time they had at the event and look forward to the next one. Moreover, you want to show employees that didn’t attend how fun it was and encourage them to attend the upcoming event.

This can all be achieved with event recaps. These convey the energy and excitement of your big event, while rich imagery showing employee recognition will inspire everyone in the workplace. Studies show that employees want to be part of something bigger and participate in building up their companies. When these employees feel appreciated and recognized, their engagement levels go through the roof. Below, we reveal why companies should showcase their event recap pictures in the workplace.

Preparing an Event Recap
Without a doubt, events take a lot of energy, time, money, and work to pull off successfully. And an event recap that’s eye-catching, exciting, and memorable also requires plenty of resources. You want to make both worth your while, and that’s why you’ll need to plan carefully. Ensure that your teams work closely with photographers and videographers to capture everything. They should never miss out on those precious moments where your employees are the main protagonists.

You’ll need to depict this imagery so that it’s engaging and meaningful. Don’t rely solely on an image slideshow, but include short descriptive text that’s contextual. Also, use captions in a manner that draws interest and doesn’t simply describe the current scene.

Take your visual content to the next level by adding video, even if this is footage from an iPhone. More people consume content with low production values nowadays, so don’t think that it isn’t good enough. Finally, utilize your workplace’s internal communication methods such as Intranets and screens to display the above content.

Provoking Strong Emotions
One of the main reasons to prepare an event recap is to engage your employees. It should remind them about the fun experience they had at the event and keep them wanting more. It should also act as a subtle reminder of how your company is investing in employee morale and team-building initiatives. Eventually, they come to understand that your company cares about them by creating a fun environment outside the office.

Event recaps are powerful and can provoke strong emotions in employees. One time, a client of ours showcased pictures from an event on their workplace elevator displays, and the response was mind-blowing! The employees started riding the elevator up and down continuously without getting off. This happened because they were filled with joy from seeing all those pictures playing on the screen.

Boosting Event Attendance
Your event recap should encourage employees to attend upcoming events. But that’s easier said than done. Some of your newer employees may not have the opportunity to attend, while others feel nervous in social settings and decide to skip it.

That’s why your event recap needs to show all the fun and interesting moments without leaving anything out. Portraying an exciting company event where every employee is an invaluable attendee will make a positive impression. Showing various successes that occurred during the previous event will increase interest in the upcoming one. Furthermore, an increase in event attendance can be a metric that maps back to your internal communications event recap efforts.

The Bottom Line
Event recap pictures make a greater impact than ordinary photos. Employees love seeing themselves and others that they recognize—enjoying each other in a different environment. But it’s getting employees excited about these event recaps and how they unveil the company’s goals that are a game-changer. Employees come to appreciate that they work for a forward-thinking company, and look forward to all upcoming events.