The Top 3 First Impression Tactics Used By Leading Client Centers

It’s no secret that first impressions last, and cement a favorable or unfavorable image about your brand in the minds of potential clients. Ideally, you shouldn’t only establish a favorable perception of your brand but persevere to be as impressive as possible. Client Experience Centers, formerly known as Executive Briefing Centers are the hottest and smartest ways to accomplish these goals.

Generate buzz in a big way with impactful digital media walls with smartly integrated lighting, which will blow away competitor centers. Take things to the next level with graphics and industry-related messages, or personalize content for a client by including their company logo. This high-touch approach makes your client feel special, welcomed, and that you went out of your way to know more about them.

Steer your potential client’s perception of your company, as one that implements design and technology effectively. An innovative briefing space shows your willingness to stay ahead of the curve and help distinguish your business from competitors. Below, we’ll cover the top 3 first impression tactics that leading client centers employ in more detail.

  1. Use The Power of Massive Media Walls and Lighting

Make a statement that will remain unforgettable, as soon as your clients set eyes on your center and walk towards it. Massive media walls seamlessly integrated with the surrounding architecture, which display exciting content will draw their attention immediately.

Customize the arrangement of your displays in a manner that’s unique, that neither your clients have seen nor your competitors have attempted. Furthermore, experiment with different display types and sizes combined in a fun arrangement making up an entire canvas. Have your content and targeted messaging run across all these displays for greater impact.

Don’t just focus on your experience center’s displays and architecture; take a deeper look at your lighting as well. Arrange your LED lighting in a way that works with your displays by carefully aligning them on the wall or ceiling. Trigger your LED colors and patterns according to the different pieces of content playing on the displays.

  1. Add That Personal Touch

Many successful businesspeople will attest to the effectiveness of a high-touch approach when dealing with clients. The good news is that this approach will work well with your experience center. Personalize things a little, by using your client’s name and logo in your digital endpoint that they will see as soon as they arrive. Update your scheduling system, which will display this information reliably and will free up your staff for other daily tasks.

The impact of showing your client’s details on your displays is profound. This gesture makes them feel welcomed and impressed with your company’s service levels, knowing that you went the extra mile just for them. We can confirm this, as we’ve received feedback from centers about how clients love seeing their logos on-screen, and often take group photos to keep and share with their peers.

  1. Impress Clients with Industry-Specific Content

An effective way to impress, and elevate the status of your company is by showing content that’s specific to your client’s industry. As an example, if your client is from the healthcare industry, and you’re displaying healthcare imagery and graphics combined with a message about your company’s leading role in this industry, then you have clear control of the narrative. More importantly, you’re positioning your brand as a thought leader in this space, while impressing the client and setting their expectations moving forward.

Connecting with clients on topics they’re knowledgeable in, is a good way to build relationships with them. Having a well-planned strategy of displaying industry-specific content should always be a key part when setting up your Client Experience Center.

Standing Out and Gaining Ground

It’s becoming harder to gain and retain the attention of clients in increasingly competitive environments. Impressing and influencing clients could prove even more challenging. Stand tall in that rarified space of top contenders and dissolve barriers between your company and potential clients, by employing all these first impression tactics.