How To Make A Great First Impression With Your Corporate Office Space

It’s no secret that first impressions matter. But have you considered if your corporate office is making a good impression on people? Those visiting your office lobby include employees, business partners, clients, vendors, and investors to name a few. Without a doubt, you want to ensure that your lobby is conveying the cutting-edge identity of your brand to these visitors, concisely.

However, it’s not just your lobby that you should consider, but also high traffic areas in the office, break areas, board rooms, and meeting rooms. All these have an impact on the people that visit them on a day-to-day basis, and especially during formal meetings or special occasions.

To identify the areas that need improvement, ask yourself the following questions?

Question 1: What Impression Do You Want To Leave?

It’s important to consider the emotional reaction that people have when they’re in your corporate space. A blandly decorated space will leave them emotionally detached and even bored. Alternatively, bold and modern touches not only make a statement, but they also make a space more memorable and trigger positive emotions within visitors.

A good way to start transforming your space is by referencing your company’s mission statement and brand guidelines. If your brand identity is about being “cutting-edge,” “innovative,” and “technically advanced,” then it makes sense to include these experiences in your environment. Then, take things a step further by brainstorming and coming up with an effective execution strategy.

Once that’s done, it’s time to incorporate digital signage, which utilizes audio and visual messaging and striking imagery that’s always on brand. It’s also worthwhile integrating additional equipment such as a multi-screen video wall, a large 4K display, and touch-screen displays for added impact.

Question 2: How Should Your Visitors React?

An inviting space with amazing visuals will undoubtedly impress your visitors, but it’s worth thinking about the aspects that serve your company. Also, it’s important to determine how visitors are reacting to your digital messaging and for what purposes.

Are visitors learning more about your company during a tour?

Are visitors coming for a specific briefing or meeting?

Are visitors just visiting a friend working at the company?

There are many more questions that you could be asking based on the most anticipated and common reasons that people visit your company. Ultimately, you’ll need to create a welcoming experience that meets or exceeds expectations. If your company’s environment excites visitors, then they’ll want to return or visit regularly.

Question 3: Is It Easy To Update Your Experience?

Strategies, technologies, and trends change, and you’ll always need to update these to maintain good first impressions. Therefore, it’s worth implementing a system that allows you to update your lobby display and experience quickly and easily.

By incorporating digital signage with web-based content management tools, you’ll have a powerful and versatile system at your disposal. It offers a near limitless amount of possibilities, which will allow you or your creative team to develop truly breathtaking experiences.

Furthermore, it’s flexible enough to make the changes you want, whenever you want, without the need to contract outside help. This saves time and money and gives you total control of your brand’s messaging.

The Bottom Line

Today’s powerful audiovisual technology and content management systems provide your company with many opportunities to make an amazing first impression for your visitors. Therefore, it makes sense to formulate a plan that will work with these technologies effectively. Then, deliver your brand’s message in an exciting and meaningful way.

By following these few simple steps, your company presents itself in a manner that’s helpful, professional, and welcoming. This ensures that you’re maximizing the visitor experience, which in turn elevates the reputation of your brand.