How Content Flow Affects Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged should always be a top priority. You want your corporate communications to be on point but also exciting so that employees don’t become numb to your messaging. But how do you go about achieving this? By mixing things up with more entertaining content intermingled with informational content, your employees will enjoy and appreciate the flow significantly more.

It’s never a good idea to run the same old content on your displays continuously, as your audience will quickly grow tired of it. Moreover, it’s important to focus on content order and flow as this helps retain viewer interest. Below, we go into greater detail on how content flow affects employee engagement.

Avoid Text-Heavy Content
While you may want your messaging to be as informative as possible, you’ll have to be careful about how much text you show. Ideally, you shouldn’t have too much corporate policy-orientated text displayed per row, and you should limit these to three. Text-heavy messaging is overwhelming for viewers to absorb, and they won’t be inclined to watch in the future.
Instead, break up your important, text-heavy content with more engaging, lighthearted, and readable content. Don’t shy away from using bite-sized videos, interesting visuals, and short statements to ease between your corporate communications.

Randomize Your Content Flow
You likely have content playing in a continuous loop. Try to avoid one long piece of content playing as this will bore your audience. It’s preferable to have multiple pieces of content, which can be categorized and then created into sub-playlists. Then, you’ll configure these sub-playlists to play a set number of content segments, either in sequence or shuffle mode.
This will provide some randomization to your content flow, which your viewers won’t necessarily notice at first. Eventually, they’ll acknowledge a more dynamic flow, but they’ll remain delighted and surprised as interesting and unexpected content shows up on the displays. This way, they’ll keep guessing about what will appear next, and they won’t get bored quickly.

Mix Things Up A Bit
Variety is the spice of life, and this is especially true when it comes to your content. Don’t be afraid to add more entertaining content that doesn’t necessarily align with your internal communications. And, if this content gels with your company’s values and standards, then there are more reasons to use it. Your employees will enjoy watching the entertaining content and continue absorbing internal corporate communications.
Different types of content that you can experiment with include cafeteria specials, entertainment news, industry news, local sports teams, traffic info, and weather forecasts. While this may feel like non-company info, it resonates with employees since they search for such content on their smartphones regularly. That’s why it makes sense to redirect their attention away from their phones and towards your displays.

One of the great things about this type of content is how easy it is to implement. Your content team won’t have to spend time curating and managing content because of the diverse data sources to access and update regularly. Moreover, the entire process is completely automated, which saves time and money.

Entertaining content that follows a dynamic flow pattern is infinitely more engaging than long-form corporate messaging. By avoiding text-heavy content, randomizing content flow, and experimenting with different types of content, you can engage your employees in a meaningful way. Don’t forget to keep things fresh by updating content on a quarterly or annual basis so that employees are always looking forward to the refresh.