Visa’s New Corporate Office Wayfinding Application Delivers Cutting-Edge Features

Visa is one of the largest financial institutions in the world, so it’s no surprise that they understand the value of a modern and impressive corporate campus. At both the Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas facilities, Visa is using the new Signet interactive wayfinding application to create a more streamlined and efficient visitor experience. The new interactive wayfinding solution is a much-needed upgrade over the previous one thanks to easier backend control of assets, more map interaction features, and flexible communication templates.   With this new system, navigation is deployed via an interactive touchscreen application located at each building’s lobby and near each floor’s elevator area. All instances are customized to use their current location as their default setting, providing quick views that can be enhanced with zooming or room details available with a single touch. Users can also view different buildings or floors to find their next target destination.   In addition to finding meeting rooms, the application also displays hotel office areas, huddle rooms, and campus shuttle schedules. A main navigation bar gives instant access to any area which then features an easy to use list view. Users can search for a room by name, quickly narrowing down the list of results, and then also re-sort any column to bring their desired result to the top. By simply clicking on a destination, the user will receive a highlighted path showing the fastest route to the room starting from the floor’s elevator. These paths are dynamically generated based on the touchscreen’s location, allowing the device to be moved as needed without any recoding or development work.  

    At the Visa campuses, the application connects to the existing Visa instance of the Signet enterprise content manager, seamlessly integrating the platforms for single-sourced management within the app. Updatable items for each endpoint (room, conference room, hotel office area, huddle room, etc.) include details such as room number, occupancy size, technology details, and photo — even the floorplans can be updated. The Wayfinding application also allows for custom messaging and communications. For Visa’s purposes, the top third of the portrait-oriented screen is designated for use by the Visa internal communications staff as a standalone display endpoint used for employee/guest messaging. With seamless integration of corporate communications playlists and content, managers can leverage their existing global messaging playlists as well as create and manage location-specific communications (either on a campus or building level). Visa’s new interactive wayfinding experience is the latest integration of Signet technology into their campus. In addition to providing visitors with interactive guidance around the campus, the displays provide another means of consistent corporate messaging. With these solutions running off of Signet’s enterprise content manager, Visa gets an effective and efficient workflow to oversee their digital communications and interactive engagement endpoints — all creating a more advanced, more intelligent, and truly next-generation corporate workplace environment.