Utilizing Internal Comms for Motivation and Inspiration

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. But how do you keep people engaged, excited, and on task without veering into the realm of micromanagement? There’s a fine balance to strike between engaging and being overbearing. Fortunately, the digital age has provided us with many interconnected tools to deliver internal communications. These platforms create opportunities to send messages, provide updates, and generate motivation in an efficient way that also limits the amount of overbearing or invasive behaviors. Consider these ideas:   Promote Your Brand Branding is not just for external marketing purposes. Branding is also an essential element of internal communications. When engaging your staff, it is important to stay on message, promote core values, and reiterate what your brand stands for. For network digital communication platforms such as lobby displays, break room monitors, and other digital signage, it is possible to systemically deliver these messages in an efficient and effective manner. Single sourcing and automation allow you to seamlessly update these so that everyone sees the same message at the same time while also allowing for minimal manual effort.   Discover Your Staff’s Motivation Digital communications platform can deliver all types of messages, and some of this can even be interactive. Consider asking questions that resonate across your entire staff on your digital displays. These types of questions can be pointed and directed in a way that gets staff thinking about what motivates them. Not only does this work in a general display sense, this can also be used to prepare them for internal surveys that help you dig deeper into what makes them tick: technology, competition, teamwork, etc.   Keep Everyone On The Same Page In addition to providing internal branding, news and updates can act as effective motivators. This can be data and information that occurs before, during, and after major project milestones. For example, if there is a significant release, an upcoming visit from a critical partner, or metrics trending up — or down — a news feed across digital channels and displays can deliver this information quickly and easily. And by putting the displays in areas that everyone sees, such as the main hallways and break rooms, it ensures it’ll have eyes on it, unlike an email or a web post which may go unseen.   The Next Steps With these ideas in mind, what are the next steps? The best thing to do is assess your existing network hardware and display locations, then consider if you want any other strategic spots. Then look at the type of content you think will best connect with your staff — and remember that you can rotate your list. Finally, examine ways to utilize single sourcing and automation as much as possible. That way, the project and the process becomes more upfront infrastructure rather than constant content creation.