The Workplace Of The Future: What It Is And How To Achieve It

When people read or hear about the “workplace of the future,” they conjure up a whole variety of ideas.   Some people think it refers to remote work environments while others imagine flashy office spaces complete with all the latest technology.   And they’re half right; technology and flexibility definitely are a big part of a modern workplace. However, we believe the future workplace captures something more.   At Signet, we believe the ideal workplace of the future is about excitement, openness, and engagement. It’s the kind of place people actually want to be at 9am on a Monday morning. It’s a place where people feel useful, confident, and most importantly, productive.   While technology and flexibility are definitely important factors, we believe a modern workplace is also focused on people, processes, and culture.   Below are 3 simple ways you can start evolving your office into the workplace of the future.  

    1. 1. Create The Right Work Environment


Creating the right work environment is crucial to building a modern workplace and this architecture-based, space planning type of factor is the one most people think of first.


Start by thinking about the physical space around your offices. Are people confined to their desks or feeling cramped in stuffy offices? Are there opportunities for your team members to engage with each other, either over lunch or to discuss something work related?


Some popular ways to build a healthier work environment include:


      • Open desk pods instead of cubicles

      • Incorporating recreational areas

      • Building collaboration/brainstorming areas for teams to work together

      • Impromptu meeting areas


    1. 2. Stay Digitally Connected and Up-To-Date


In order for a company to work efficiently, it’s vital that its team members are equipped with the right technology to help make their jobs as easy as possible.


Plus, you’ll also want to make sure all of your technology is seamlessly connected. Make sure any new digital tools in your office can easily connect to your existing software systems to reduce redundancy and offer more intelligence. Also consider allowing your employees to bring their own devices to work (BYOD) or to work remotely using their personal equipment.


Many people are a lot more productive using their own notebooks, cellphones, tablets, etc, and having a break from the office is also great for boosting productivity and motivation levels.


Some great ways to incorporate technology in your office include:


      • Touch-enabled devices for meeting room management on the fly

      • Digital screens offering internal communications promoting employee engagement

      • Using interactive wayfinding equipment to ensure your workplace is easy to navigate

      • Integrating mobile experiences for employee ease and accessibility


    1. 3. Build A Healthy Work Culture


Work culture is often ignored by a lot of companies looking to modernize their workplace. However, it is one of the most important aspects of building the perfect workplace of the future because employees are the heart of the organization.

The days of sitting alone at your desk for 9 hours are over. Nowadays, ensuring your workplace encourages employee engagement, socializing, team building, and collaboration is crucial. In doing so, you’ll ensure your team members are all motivated and excited to be working towards their common goals.


Some popular ways to build a good company culture include:


      • Monthly internal company events

      • Team building activities and exercises

      • Employee surveys to obtain and measure feedback

      • Clearly communicate brand and company goals

    Companies and businesses are always evolving, and you need to stay up-to-date in order to anticipate these changes and adapt your workplace accordingly. By following the above 3 tips, your workplace will be on the journey for the future.