The Consensus: America’s 9 Coolest Workplaces

In today’s job market, it’s not solely about the paycheck. Quality of life is important, and that often means having a workplace and co-workers that you enjoy. In fact, some studies show that a “cool workplace” is one of the top draws for recruitment, and it’s also a key factor in talent retention despite many different elements factoring into a competitive landscape. Today’s creative office space incorporates things like adult slides, rooftop parks, lavish dining rooms, and game rooms.   Part of this new corporate landscape is the integration of technology and software. Combined, these elements can help drive the workplace of the future while creating fun and interactive experiences that help employees leverage a better work/life balance — even if they have to work long hours.   In search of the coolest workplaces in America, we’ve looked at a number of lists and studies that speak to the top office spaces that are the most interesting and fun for employees. Based on the combined data, here are nine of the coolest office spaces for people to work at:     The Winner (appears on five lists)   Facebook Offices Facebook – Menlo Park, CA Photo Credit: Washington Post

    Tied for Second (appears on four lists)   Google Offices Google – Mountain View, CA Photo Credit: Business Insider
  Zappos Offices Zappos – Las Vegas, NV Photo Credit: Office Snapshots
    Tied for Third (appears on three lists)   Box Offices Box, Redwood City, CA Photo Credit: FENNIE+MEHL Architects
  Groupon Offices Groupon, Chicago, IL Photo Credit: GrouponJobs YouTube
  Kickstarter Offices Kickstarter, Brooklyn, NY Photo Credit: Business Insider
  Quicken Loans Offices Quicken Loans, Detroit, MI Photo Credit: Office Snapshots
  Riot Games Offices Riot Games, Los Angeles, CA Photo Credit: Riot Games Blog
  SF Twitter Offices Twitter, San Francisco, CA Photo Credit: Twitter on Flickr
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