Signet Launches New Product for Workplace Meeting Room Signs

Signet is proud to announce the newest product in their line of enterprise workplace tools – a meeting room sign application. This new meeting room product connects to your corporate scheduling system to pull in room and meeting data while also connecting to the Signet enterprise content manager for administration and support. The interactive product application can be deployed across different touch-enabled devices and can run on either Android or iOS. The interface is customizable allowing your company’s brand style to be at the forefront with custom graphics, fonts and color options.  

  Quick Room Booking Process The application allows for 2 different booking processes. The first is for more immediate usage, where if the room is available, any employee can use the room for up to an hour with just a simple 3-touch process (example shown in image below). The second is booking later for that day, where an employee can choose any available time slot for that room and is prompted for the time duration, email address and meeting subject.   door sign use room flow   Helpful Meeting Modification Capability Offering a more efficient process than accessing your corporate scheduling system, the application allows employees to extend or end their meeting with a simple 3-touch process. If your meeting looks to be going over your allotted time, once glance at the application shows if there is a meeting booked after yours or not. If available, the application displays the Extend Meeting button, which easily allows the employee to choose an extended time up to an hour (example shown in image below). If your meeting ends early, the application offers functionality to end your meeting which will show the room as available on this meeting room sign, allowing other employees to use the room now that its available.   door sign extend flow   The application can also be customized with more advanced features, and Signet is currently planning future releases to offer more integrations. Future functionality sets include capabilities such as allowing employees to find the nearest available room per their needs, getting directional highlighting on office maps, and integration with room sensors and facility systems to offer greater efficiency and reporting. With all the helpful features and capabilities to come for this application, Signet is excited to have this product become an integral part of the enterprise workplace of the future.