Signet Empowers Enterprise Client Centers With New CenterSuite Product Line

Since 2006, Signet has been an industry leader in delivering digital tools and communication elements for executive briefing centers, streamlining workflows for staff and improving visitor experiences. Now, we’re happy to announce that our new product line of tools will take these solutions even further. Introducing CenterSuite, an end-to-end line of tools that combines Signet’s trademark functionality, compatibility, and performance to streamline enterprise client centers workflow.   “In my 14+ years in the briefing industry, CenterSuite is the first complete solution I’ve seen that integrates every aspect of what centers and programs need to fully automate their operations and efficiently drive consistent content to global centers,” said Darby Mason-Werner, Signet’s Director of Client Solutions. “It allows briefing teams more time to create a more connected and complete customer experience while providing management with powerful analytics that elevate the value of the briefing program.”   At Signet, we’re known for being an enterprise solution provider with a special focus in the briefing center segment. CenterSuite is a critical part of Signet’s offerings; we truly believe it can revolutionize the way enterprise client centers operate. CenterSuite can power scheduling systems for staff, applications for visitors, environmental displays for presentation, and analytics for management, all while seamlessly integrating existing Signet solutions such as our enterprise management system. CenterSuite brings it all together, connecting with media player devices to create limitless digital endpoints and offering management, content distribution, and creation all via mobile devices.   CenterSuite Benefits     Why is this so revolutionary? Most of today’s centers are so busy that they have fallen behind the technology curve. This drains time, effort, and resources on tasks that could be single-sourced or automated. In a worst-case scenario, centers are set up with multiple systems that can’t even connect to each other, making updates a labor-intensive process — many centers still use manual daily PowerPoint updates to drive their digital displays. CenterSuite fills all those voids with its numerous features, freeing up staff time to ensure that visitors get a personalized experience that easily connects with their mobile devices. This ensures that they stay up to date on agendas, provide real-time feedback, and even get help wayfinding through the facility.   One of the biggest benefits comes from the way CenterSuite’s elements seamlessly work together, delivering everything centers need to operate efficiently. The core product is the scheduling system — a platform built specifically for client-center needs while integrating with all other CenterSuite products. Loaded with features and metadata capabilities, all of this opens the door for advanced customer personalization, in-depth application information and related material/experiences for automated delivery of information, data, and content. CenterSuite is a true next-generation system, an engine that will drive your program’s customer experience to the next level.   To learn more about CenterSuite’s specific capabilities, we encourage you to visit the official CenterSuite website:   CenterSuite wasn’t created in a vacuum. We’ve got a decade of working with numerous notable and award-winning centers as well as our involvement with ABPM and their advanced educational and experiential standards. That gives us a constant look at what the industry needs, wants, and prefers, and we’ve leveraged all of that into the thinking behind these solutions. With CenterSuite, we’ve finally packaged them together and created a new product suite: an advanced, all-encompassing suite of tools needed to manage a world-class center.   At Signet, we truly believe CenterSuite is the launch of something big for the industry. Imagine, a single resource that handles all of your scheduling, content, management, and analytics. If you’re curious about how CenterSuite can transform and automate your center’s digital experience, feel free to contact us. We’ll review the specifics of your existing system and demonstrate why CenterSuite can be a first step into a larger world.