Liven Up Your Content With Local Sports News

Corporate messaging is important for, well, corporate messages. However, to stay engaged with your audience, content will need to step back from serious messages from time to time. The goal of engagement should be to inspire your workforce and reward them for their loyalty and efforts, and that means sprinkling in some fun among the status updates and corporate messaging. One of the easiest ways to do this is to pull data from local sports teams. The great thing about local sports teams is that they bring together people from diverse backgrounds, and they engage all walks of life, particularly during high-intensity playoff periods. It’s an easy way to find common ground across your entire staff. The good news? Most of this content is primed and ready to go, and it just needs the final step of being integrated into your media manager. Thanks to the availability of RSS feeds and Twitter feeds, it’s easy to round out your displays with local sports content.   Most pro sports teams have their own RSS feed for general news content. Sometimes this includes an image RSS feed with captions to create a more visually interesting form of sports news. The team’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts should also provide news, updates, and entertaining clips in real time. It’s also possible to see if local media coverage has specific RSS feeds for individual teams. The combination of sports headlines and social media content creates a nice juxtaposition that can round out your audience’s experience.   Another way to integrate sports news is to insert it into a supplementary area of your corporate communications, like a sidebar. Secondary areas on your display allow it to still be part of the news flow without overwhelming the primary focus. Other options include creating a sub-playlist that only appears at scheduled times (such as lunchtime or after 4 PM, when employees begin closing down for the day).   Thanks to the flexibility of RSS feeds and social media feeds, it’s possible to incorporate entertaining coverage that can perk up the workday. It doesn’t have to strictly be about local sports teams; if you feel like your staff is into movies, fashion, video games, or other forms of entertainment, all you have to do is curate a list of appropriate Twitter feeds and RSS feeds from proper coverage. Keep it light and fun, and you’ll find that your staff and visitors will appreciate the break from the day-to-day grind, delivering more brand value through your display network.