Level Up Brand Engagement With Gamification

Engaging your audience in an active way requires more time and energy to implement than passive methods — but ultimately, that engagement may pay dividends for brand activation, advertising impressions, or other key metrics. Once the viewer is truly engaged, the more the experience connects the viewer to your brand. That, in the end, is the goal of all marketing, isn’t it?   Gamification and edutainment utilize branding, education, and play in a cohesive and engaging experience. At a rudimentary level, this engagement can simply be a method to Q&A your end users (e.g. ask them questions to dispel misinformation or mythbust). Or it might be to inform your viewers on solutions and techniques on using your product/service. If it educates while promoting your brand, then you’ve succeeded in edutainment.   The public normally considers gamification as standalone apps downloaded and played on a smartphone. In our larger digital ecosystem of projects, gamification is bigger than that, tying into the surrounding physical space and experience. Our clients have discussed creative ideas to engage their clients or visitors at events, in briefing centers, or in the interactive areas within their facilities. These ideas require a certain level of innovative digital solutions to properly connect all of the different media players, devices, and displays, but the resulting gamification experience makes it all worthwhile.   For example, we composed one concept for a client that gamified the network traffic managed by their product. This educated their customers on using their products for end-user issues.The concept was intended for use at an event, which then rewarded the highest-scoring participant with the prize of a tablet or mobile device. Simpler rewards are possible too, such as posting a congratulatory message or providing a competitive leaderboard for bragging rights.   Our clients often have environments within their spaces capable of something hugely fun, entertaining, and educational. This transforms a large display, projector, or open space into a gamified display controlled via mobile device. The opportunities here are endless; from quizzes to polls to interactive challenges, many different gamification ideas can be used to promote your brand and message while emphasizing the innovation behind your brand/product.   The competitive nature of the tech world (and society as a whole) lends itself well to integrating gamification into your brand. Gaming and game mechanics are part of our cultural lexicon, just as much as social media is these days. Gaming is as powerful as videos or images, but ultimately more immersive thanks to interaction. Because the user can control the experience, whether it’s an actual game or a game mechanic used for exploring information, it’s almost a necessity for business in the digital age.