How To Easily Update Your Event Experiences Throughout This Year’s Event Schedule

The first event for the year is successfully behind you, and you’re starting to plan for the next one. What elements of your experience should you change for the next event’s theme or topics and which ones are simple to do? If your experiences are hooked up to a content management system, updates should be relatively easy to plan and execute on. Here’s a few ideas that we’ve seen have a noticeable impact with minimal effort, instead of requiring major re-work.   1. Re-Theme Your Experiences What is the next event’s theme and how can you slightly alter your experiences to better connect to the audience at that event? It might be a topical change, where your brand wants to feature different solutions and product categories. It might be a simple stylistic change like updating a background to better connect with the new theme and your promoted topics. Either way, it might just entail having your graphics team produce some updated image assets to swap out in your content manager, updating your application or digital experiences.   2. Update Your Least Successful Media Its not a negative thing to evaluate your engagement metrics and determine what content was the least successful. Its an easy way to know which of your documents or presentations could use some attention in order to make them more impactful. Talk to your booth reps or check out your analytics and see which of your content is not performing up to par. You might notice that certain styles or file formats are underperforming, and it could be as easy as exporting documents differently or changing some content flow and styles.   3. Change Up Your Social Content If you’re leveraging your social feeds for content, either in an app or on a videowall somehow, don’t just stick with your basic company feeds all year. Switch it up and make it more relevant. Every event will have some specific hashtag that you can pull from and start to get more relevant content for your booth visitors. You can even have a couple key topical hashtags or keywords that you can target and specifically pull content based on that special combination that really speaks to your brand’s key solutions that you’re promoting at that event.   We hope these ideas are helpful and, more importantly, manageable for your team based on your current solution structure. In today’s advanced technical landscape, simple management ideas like these ideally should be accounted for in any application or digital experience. Good luck to you and your event team as you move through the event season.