How Scheduling System Integration Can Optimize Life In A Briefing Center

For briefing center staff, there’s rarely a free second in the day. There’s content to prepare, calendars to coordinate, and valued guests to host. In short, there’s little room for duplicate work, especially in the realm of visitor and meeting data entry. The latest scheduling system integration methods can eliminate this redundancy; even better, it can implement automated features that make the briefing center experience better for everyone.   The easiest way to streamline this process is to select a scheduling system that allows for data integration into the digital display network. Not only does this eliminate duplicate work, it opens the door to many personalized features capable of being displayed on any endpoint (large-scale video walls, mobile devices, etc.), all to enhance the briefing center experience. For example, clients can get key information such as room information, agenda details, and industry/solution topics upon arrival, along with the courtesy of being greeted by name.   In addition to a personalized experience, integration also reduces the work involved with back-end scheduling of display data. With access to meeting dates and agenda times, the display network’s enterprise content manager can utilize this data to drive content scheduling and publishing based on specific visitors or topics. This type of solution only requires initial configuration; after that, it automates seamlessly thanks to your scheduling system so that your digital display network is always in step with your day-to-day calendar.   Customized digital content and experiences can be further enhanced thanks to other data points, such as industry and brand. For example, when a visiting client arrives, the additional industry and brand tags allow the enterprise content manager to play appropriate content related directly to the client, creating a personalized and highly relevant experience.   With scheduling systems providing such great value to briefing centers, smart integration can bring even further benefits to all parties involved. For staff, these solutions streamline data input while creating automation and personalization options. For visitors, it’s simply a more personal and effective experience, and that reflects directly on your center.   At Signet, our briefing center solutions offer dynamic content and digital experiences with simple configuration and robust automation features. Our staff is constantly pushing to further these innovations, and with more integration solutions on the horizon, Signet will continue to deliver greater efficiency and more impactful visitor experiences to briefing centers.